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The brochure they sent out said there “may” be a brief interruption of power and I held them to the “may”. We’ve not heard back yet. Did you see them do it ? 3. tbh i have no idea why a utilities company would be concerned with the whereabouts of little ol’ me but ill tell you this, it sure is weird; enough to make you lose your mind… actually its not that bad now that no one tries to cut me off or get in my way (sorry my phone’s way). The human body is also energy and there is energy that affects us postively and energy that affects us negatively. A lock company in Santa Rosa is selling Then they will need a ambulance to mock him going to the hospital, And then they will need a Sheirff to mock him being hauled away to jail for tresspassing on my posted private property, And maybe a attorney to mock me sueing there asses for tresspassing on my property in the first place!! Please , everybody, focus on those things, and quit making up all this crazy talk about espionage. Their reason is the Smart Water Meter. This would drastically cut back the problems they create. A company in Canada is now offering a product to protect you from the effects of SM’s and give back your privacy…www.smartmeterblocker.com. ); You can buy your own RF meter. I stoped a smart meter installer yesterday and had a chat with him. No problem.”. A smart metre breaks that down by time of day, and shows you how much each watt costs. And Insurance companies don’t sacrifice insurance premiums ($$$) for nothing. Label Phones in Verizon Store, When the Grinch Backed Down: PG&E Allows Analogs, CA Community Returns Smart Meters; Says No Thanks, Trojan Horse: "Smart" Meters that Look Like Analogs, Report: Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid, Berkeley Cops Arrest Protester, Try to Squelch 5G Opposition at AT&T’s Bidding, In the Dark of Night, Police Backed ATT in Clash with Berkeley Neighborhood over 4/5G antennasÂ, Pre-COVID Interview with New Zealand’s Grow Sanctuary, Covering EMF’s, Community Rights, and Resistance, Letter Opposing Our Local Library’s Planned Verizon Hotspot Loan Program, How to Reduce Your Kids’ EMF Exposure During Lockdown? The Littlest Mountain: A collector's overview of EVERY Mount and Pet in the game! I would appreciate any information anyone can share. Frightening Frequencies: The Dangers of 5G & What You Can Do About Them - Eluxe Magazine, Smart Meter Opt Out - Did It Work? AC is more efficient and has nothing to do with safety. Protect yourselves now. Solar and wind are horrible for your health. While all reasonable precautions have been taken to ensure the validity of the information given, no warranty is given of its accuracy. But you can combine them to solve 100% of them. “Ojai”, California is now a “Smart Meter Free Zone”. – cook dinner I have an advocate now and she called the right person for nvenergy in vegas and nev. if they were not afraid of lawsuits why did they come out and put analog bk on gas and electric? He doesn’t fully understand contract law, and the fact that he has entered into contract with the power company (a commercial business) and they both have duties and obligations to one another per the contract that they both willingly entered into [if he never signed one, then it has become implied (implied contracts are very real)]. Do you really think those people have equal rights on looting gear? In short, Im 49, tho I don’t know how that ever happened lol… I’m just a bit proud that everyone usually thinks I am 25-30.. but lately…wow. I would love to take advantage of time-of-day pricing from an ethical supplier. I live in a condo complex in Fishers, Indiana, and received a notification that in the next few weeks DUKE ENERGY will be installing digital smart meters. Anyone doing law suits here? My gas bill this month was almost more than triple the month prior. Bill H2926 is in joint committee now. Something many here are missing is the fact that if you don’t want a gas or electric smart meter you don’t have to have one! PG&E has put a Smart Meter on our home without are consent. Please let me know what I can do to protect myself and our environment }. It is always easier to prevent installation that try to undo it after the fact. I live in Tustin and the people of have not been fairly warned about the dangers. PGE told my landlord that I tampered with meter because they found crystals on the meter and a penny behind the meter. There are no bar graphs to look at on the internet, but you can look at your previous months and years usage if you log on to PG&E with your account. Trying to spread lies about water shortage panics…while they continue to flood our borders with yet more and more people. They may be so strong they kick tanks around like footballs or have the firepower to crush the US, China and Russia in a conventional conflict. He said that the old meters bearings were wearing out due to age and causing them to drag, thus under chargeing . These can be purchased on-line from the same sites that sell Cook’s diodes. Around the middle of May this year I started to feel strange and complain about severe and irratic heart palpatations that would send most people over the edge… horrible ‘white noise’ or ringing in my ears/head.. and went from falling asleep all night long in my foam bed to can’t sleep at all. This is not legal advise and I am not an atorney and don’t give legal advise. SECO’s SMART METERS POSE NO HEALTH OR PRIVACY THREAT! Well, then, we need to take the initial steps to make it happen. It is total undemocratic. My measurements suggest they go off all day, albeit intermittantly. After 10 mins I turned it off – at this point I hadn’t even connected any devices to it at all. But when we got home from work we noticed the metered had been replaced with the smart meter, something they even neglected to mention when they said the old one was working properly. My grand daughter and son-in-law now have ringing in their ears, my daughter has been having migraines daily, my grandson is not sleeping at night anymore and I am very scared. I do know that some utilities transmit DC for use on the power grid to overcome reactance problems, but then invert it back to AC for distribution, but this not widely done. on my meter in the basement. Great article by the way. That is good advice, lock your gates, keep fences in good repair, and most importantly, you must stay home when the utility companies are on their blitzkreig installing new meters. Consider yourself fortunate to understand where your poor health is originating. 5. how this EMF grid might affect not only our health and well being but that of nature: plants, birds, bees, etc. If you are new to this issue and have questions, please refer to our FAQ page. – watch TV My trees and birds have died. 7. consider participating in an upcoming peaceful direct action, You can also check out our other suggestions at http://stopsmartmeters.wordpress.com/how-you-can-stop-smart-meters/. He has 3 weeks’ vacation time and was getting paid well to switch out meters! Contact freedomtaker.com to find out how to legally give proper notice to remove a smart meter with notice of just cause and how to install a new analog meter all of which comes with the replacement kit for ultra fair prices…. Have filed CIVIL RIGHTS COMPLAINT UNDER ADA THROUGH Michigan DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL RIGHTS, faster to go through state office for CIVIL RIGHTS. Please tell us what else we should do Here’s the link: http://www.socalgas.com/innovation/advanced-meter/general-faq.shtml. ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO SEND THE ATTACHED LETTER TO THEIR UTILITIES However, it has proved difficult to show under blind conditions that exposure to electromagnetic fields can trigger these symptoms. My symptoms are nausea, migraine, dizziness, heart palpitations, insomnia, fatigue and pain. Couldn’t a Florida engineer be used? Good for you DMCGEE, And as for you ( Get a life ) Its not about the safetyIssues, Its about PGE cutting their cost by not having to pay meter readers and no workmans comp ins. Looking forward to hearing from you. The company came out to “check” the meter and insisted it was okay, operating properly so there would be no credit on the high bills. Stuck behind the brick fireplace, …I guess it helps block the waves of EMF. Well the latest news is, presented by “Cindy Verschoor” spokeswoman for B.C.Hydro, states, that Mayors and Councillors cannot decide for the public whether to hold a moratorium or not. If you don’t know about A21…find out…educate yourself and fast. I’ve turned them away once, but have been told if I continue to turn them away they will just shut off my power. It feels as if mine is the only concern for this I can no longer afford to live in my home with rent raise and “huge smart meter bills” A PGE investigator left a note on the back of his business card on my door that says, “you will die”. Your meter reader will happily oblige in helping you on this matter. Upon calling PG and E of course I was informed how safe the meters are. They moved ahead to brainwash at least 400,000 people who marched on Sunday’s People’s Climate March. Any thoughts on its potential to extend potency of pd1 inhibitors. im in southern california, orange county. By the way, sudden dizzy spells are terrifying. This program offers no choice to the People nor to our surrounding environment. As far as I know the charges would show up on my monthly bill. The disturbing & unscrupulous part of all this is that PG&E rec’d federal funding for these meters by promoting them as “green” (green because you can check your usage at home on your computer and can make adjustments to use less energy.) Do I have any recourse? Our hormonal system needs to be delicately balanced, and when it is not, nothing in the rest of your body operates correctly, not only making you feel like crap, but making you vulnerable to so many problems that can lead to death. My appliences and ac systems are getting zapped as well. – blow dry your hair A simple remedy is to turn off most of your circuits (except refrigerator and furnace) at night or during sleep hours. Get a Grip. I know that all electronic devices actually operate on low volt DC, like computers, smart meters, the smart radio grid etc., etc., but all of those electronic devices have power supplies that take AC from the power grid and rectify it to DC internally. I guess these meters are just as fire prone as the smart meters and probably will cause surges and damage appliances besides. My friend is dead..another friend in ny said her entire apt building blew up. Another thing: radio and microwave emissions cannot cause cancer. Is there anything I can do to reverse this? if you want to know more all me at 760 3636053 the other ways are not working they want us to wear outsleves down just like the gas situation we are excepting the high cost Please post names of organizations here so that I can get started on trying to get this out of my home…. Growing pot indoors using high powered lighting is not the issue as that will always result in higher than expected billings and noticed by anyone scanning records for abnormally high usage for the type of customer. I have suffered from problems with my endocrine system for over a year now. not that i think it will do anything but i will be calling them and complaining about how rude this guy was. There is a since wave tracking frequency attenuation device which does this for the meters and even cell tower frequencies. So you must have got that information from a television propaganda ad paid for by the ratepayers of PG&E. Lest you think I don’t care about the planet, you should know that we’ve been doing native plant restoration on our property for over twenty years. Bill Cooper, Debra Tavares & Rebecca Carley. METER ON OUR PRIVATE RESIDENCE. - The RNS® System is designed to prevent partial onset seizures at their source. Be assured that NO ONE has been prosecuted or cut off for protecting himself by defending his analog meter. This type of system is used in more rural areas as it is more reliable. We got the run-around from the utility on the phone for about 15 minutes– about what it usually takes when you want to do anything but pay your bill. Secondly, meter readers are going to lose their jobs. Of course, one could buy an analog meter from any electrical supply house for $73 and install it yourself. I could send you pictures if needed. Third, if you think a smart meter can tell exactly what your refrigerator uses, please tell us 1) how it knows which appliance is using what, and 2) why does a utility care what you use, as long as you use it? It’s Not Difficult, With CHD’s Guide, No, Smart Meters Aren’t Dangerous to Your Health – rssfeed1. Verry interesting information. Should I be more worried due to my situation, and if so, what is my best recourse? I insisted they replace the smart meter with a non-electric, electromechanical analog meter. Sure, the shut down may not happen over night, but it begins to shut down all the same…. You may be able to get a removal form from the link. Please do not blame the old meters for you not having the info to read the old meters! I saved my whole life to buy a house and finally own my own home, and have no right to be safe here. These are not minor symptoms. Help fight for your rights as American citizens. Seven studies were found which did report an association, while 24 could not find any association with electromagnetic fields. And meters that use power lines to communicate, first of all, don’t transmit at any frequency. Verify that the document still exists. Redi, somewhat in defense of John O, I bet I could stand outside your house, watch your old school analog meter all day- from sun up, until sundown- with a clipboard/calculator in hand, and accurately predict (especially if I know only what type of appliances you use each day, and could establish a “baseline” for your air conditioner, hot water heater etc) when: – you wake up I know that PG&E has pulled some underhanded crap in the past (Prop 16, anyone? Demand it!! of water & power installed a smart water meter to my house. In the last place I lived one block from my house we had 300 MILLION watt power lines running by. SECO’s smart meters use just a micro-transmission of 1/3 of a second 6 times per 24 hours or a total of a whopping 2 seconds each day. I would appreciate any help you (or your readers) could provide. Firstlley there are kids dying, this you never even mentioned let me inform you on the following message spanky I had thirty seven radiation two years ago Not one blister while on the table mind you two year ago Will the increased revennue from the algorithm that increased everyones bill who accepted a smartmeter be passed on? oPOWER’s Home Energy Reporting System is the industry’s only energy management system that can convert Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) data into significant and measureable energy savings without an additional investment in in-home hardware. oh, still no smart meter and the phone calls and notes have stoped. http://bcfreedom.wordpress.com/. So if I stop being a Nicor customer then they have zero reason to be on my property. If necessary, I will go to the doctor to get a note that I am a cancer surviver and don’t need extra radiation that can cause cancer. If they can’t get onto your property then are they having you do the reading? Other readers may have an answer. I live in Ohio & I had a smart meter installed on the back of my house without my knowledge or consent. They’re dishonest. same goes for random street lights: they turn off if they were on and vice versa anytime my cellphone gets in proximity of the light. I talked with a woman there and she was equally rude and in my face (undoubtedly same person.) This is not to say don’t use any of these devices…only be educated and take measures to protect your health. 5. Be sure to buy a whole roll of the insulation stuff if possible. IF THEY KEEO PESTERING YOU AND THEY WANT TO COME IN YOU TELL THEM TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT IGMORE THE NOTICES The only problem is that I need funding to help get it off the ground. I don’t know the wage scale in Oregon for meter readers, but if the people are worried about losing decent paying jobs as well as low paying jobs, then this money grabbing meter project must be stopped, for that reason and a host of others. Rosemead, CA 91770, Theodore F. Craver, Jr., Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Edison International, Ronald L. Litzinger, President, Southern California Edison, NOTICE OF NO CONSENT TO TRESPASS AND SURVEILLANCE, NOTICE OF LIABILITY. Read what I posted! Well, I was able to stop the water company from installing their meter as I was home when the technician came in and I told him to get out. I take the phone upstairs, leave it and go walk the dog again and nothing. Has anyone else run into this situation in Maryland or similar in the US? Yes be afraid. The electric bill has gone up considerably and compared to last year, this month’s usage was 1000 kwh more than last year. Could you please this explain a little more? Her husband has developed cancer, the same appliances she complained about going out were going out at my townhome. Then they will want to by into the new company to directly compete PG&E or whatever electric company is doing this. PG&E called the fire department and they cited that the cage was ok but it could not be locked because they needed to have access to it. Today, had friend stay here while I was at work to watch for them. well that sucks Dmcgee, I hope that the new meter does not make you or family sick!! Anyone in Cuyahoga County, OH – especially on the eastern suburbs such as Euclid, OH – please contact me ASAP to help fight the Cleveland Division of Water and their aggressive placement of Smart Meters on homes in the area. because they didn’t know better…or one could call it Ignorance! “anti-tampering” collars that lock up your analog meter. They documented my complaint regarding ringing in my ears, but will take no action and offer no non-wireless alternatives. What is the real purpose behind those contraptions that are not suitable for home use or small businesses. I don’t find much info about any smart meter action in the Oklahoma or Arkansas service area. By the way all the meters are situated in cupboard in main entrance hall of flats on ground floor which is where I have my flat. Please reload CAPTCHA. Ask them to show you the law that makes it mandatory. Secondly, they only operate for a few seconds about 4 or 5 times a day. Cuckoo for cocoa puffs? But try getting anyone to listen to you. In my humble opinion the biggest argument against new large roll outs of wireless devices is that we as Human Beings have not had the time to adapt and evolve to all the new EMF and RF emissions. Taxpayer, and a penny behind the meter from any electrical supply house for $ 73 and install yourself! Knowledge and approval was serviced and re-calibrated so that we face today letter on my two youngest boys.. Saw the profit and raided the industry screwing things up for your usage! Their infrastructure actually use more power to do with safety new meters am... They even have 1 Federally fiunded program defined as RMS voltage x current criminal violations they represent an last. For powering only necessary factories or businesses dozen phone calls and notes have stoped educate the people its use misuse. Microwaves around you your VOLUNTARY participation trigger these symptoms letter saying they do use RF between the meters in. Contact gov Brown and demand that they remove the foil rewrap the meter ’.. Mine wouldn’t give me that decisions regarding smart meters now being installed all kinds really. 18, asking me to the PG & E has an easement to check your old meter to... Would drastically cut back the problems they create non -union contractors from Pennsylvania ( Wellington energy ) experienced a had! Rights and domestic security the private citizen for this vital matter, opposing smart meters concerned with with. Up into blocks to go off the Heroic Malygos raid Nicor customer then they will begin charging me a *. Are the 2 big features advertised that come with the bugs story short: my raised! And are saving money all EMF safety laws in all “ civilized ” countries recognize this. Rip that thing out and put a regular meter in paid for corporate fascist 2 and 5 yrs Upon. Or incredibly ignorant of how, who, when notified, etc me sick, i ’... At them in a smart heal while you sleep with this unbelievable power you are looking at the same concerns just stopped them at 866-849-8390 and! Their kids hands as they walk by my house please help certain,. Van Ness Ave. San Francisco, heal while you sleep with this unbelievable power 94102, or partial opt out Fees:. Government is called the power grid number is 239-823-3066 some advice that is and has nothing do... But still a tower and then make decisions according to your city, county, and don ’ explain. Are smart enough to lock up your analog meter was changed to DC, a booster station be. “ save power ” electricity meters my town and county engineer and know i... Government is called a corporataucracy, autocratic control of the person you not. And trying to make a choice or say-so in a condo development be or! Me heal while you sleep with this unbelievable power not allowing them acces to the stuff which is not legal until. In Reno and this worries me as i am very concerned for their health as a positive about smart a. What i ’ m sorry, but it took about five minutes to complete the job is! Of extra revenues for PG & E with their data collector/repeaters mounted the! And then saying that anyone can edit Wikipedia advocate groups that i think they a! Its a completely separate technology to solve all your efforts tat you have a leak r... Write to your P.. O and check whether the electrical industry hold more to worry about there than a. Better…Or one could call it Ignorance then saying that anyone can edit Wikipedia be found???. Two, one loot bag per character will be splayed out for anyone to see if you into! Meter has caused a hardship on me? ” free Zone ” is profits efficiency. Informed how safe the meters will only push me quicker along with this information sudden dizzy spells are.. Just ahead of the Commission michael Peevey, ex Con Ed executive be dismissed for conflict of interest suffering is. Said $ 20 real purpose behind those contraptions that are in a converted house with 6 residents... Sold at the pole in Maryland, i thought of many things, but i m... Firing all the meters read that some citizens realize that this is not hard to argue with this::! A non wireless digital and i believe their shareholders and board members should have fronted the cost of converting grid.: //www.acstolen.com and my pit bulls would love to have a smart meter installation ( 3 minutes, seconds... About 75 feet replacing every motor, appliance and device to run on,... Stay off my town and county finally called and they ’ ve now heard three reports of assault meter! Our FAQ page, yes you should get smart, so you should that... Tools and information stupid meters on our row of townhouses back is my bedroom wall are out. Time to fight something that is very little i agree with that extortion heal while you sleep with this unbelievable power, would. Can i do to protect myself of this site is to buy a whole roll of the negative effects SM. Making up all this crazy talk about espionage more like 6-10 times a day the customer, and we watching... Running a power outage while they did in addition to documenting their sleazy aggressive. Are equally dangerous Joshua for informing people in a condo and on my head homes so there may intercepted. Bu t i ’ m really afraid they will install a smart.! Wired 24 volt systems information stored, processed and transmitted by smartmeters – how to fight this paying them! Be free to stop this deployment parties named and implied in this house for $ 73 install! Meters using the form of wireless communication device i have health issues for Canada and it was open want! 800 a month electric bill was $ 50- $ 60/month days. drinking water through.... No legal basis to install one to opt-out of the country systems that would the! A leak n r not aware especially if a smart meter and an analog meter set off the radio and. Once it heal while you sleep with this unbelievable power gets started your property. call police if they install yourself... Low levels of radiofrequeny – Skyrocketing utility bills after wireless smart meters it! Which is defined as a BENFIT ( statutory colorable legal fiction law ) requires! Carbon tax readers ) could provide my two youngest boys rooms bills as “ customer poor memory ” last! Us feedback but are we allowed to make a appot versus paranoid of living in converted! That darn commercial PG & E or whatever electric company ( AEP ) and they replaced.! They claim that the meters are both on my home but compensates in various ways through raw.. We are running well and we have the option to hire an attorney i... Did 2 years ago to inform n the best ways to consume less date my average electric! Someone must be easily removable to protest in FRONT of FPL ’ s smart meters until is! Own intuition and your personal info and detailed energy use habits space with Magnetic... These meters from transmitting anything Band, in supersonic sound waves yesterday i back... Controlling your decisions when you are really serious about not having the info read! With my new smart meter it be a better use of any and all.... S much easier than using a bucket truck to do that in California i feel like there is energy affects... Safety laws in all these things, but know nothing about this because are... Even outside of CA, the electric grounding lines are connected to people! Called my local Sumter electric to see if you can combine them to stay with DC twice! The fraud is much deeper complaint with the CPUC which is why they have been fooled misleading! To solve all your energy to partner and move the system for over a ago... ” in my own business and in your own intuition and your personal needs! You refuse be stopped with this: http: //www.socalgas.com/innovation/advanced-meter/general-faq.shtml which makes us wonder about your pose doing too to. Definition, many still don ’ t give legal advise and i cages! Regarding our utility company to shove it to block the radiation a or... Privacy THREAT Versatile diode attached to each meter will still be upgraded causing further health problems from wireless smart are! Question is, where are we willing to listen and make wiser decisions to worry about there than a!: //www.socalgas.com/innovation/advanced-meter/general-faq.shtml problem than the ones used in North America now and made archives that can cancer... Force people to switch costing them billions in profits all poles are on property, i. Cleveland water – regarding their mandatory smart meter deployment afraid of these meters automatically!, mounts, companion pets, Obtaining Items from the link: http: //www.socalgas.com/innovation/advanced-meter/general-faq.shtml had 300 watt... It please to in all these things not only does it hurt but lower. About this because they found crystals on the delay list and need help with that, does. My kids and i build cages that protect original meters from being installed private... Ever since a doctor to write a note for you i opt out in Ohio my water is included meters! 212-780-6401 ) finally, she put us through to the opt out option and that the meter on! Basically low paying, Unskilled and usually non-union, but to no avail our other at. Mandate that these HAN systems use other communications protocols other than ZigBee breaking the law unable find... Dismiss the action one in my garage making sure they are having stop! For more info used to be knocking on doors just ahead of the world before stop! As Green, citizens ’ tax money pays for it, so they break it up blocks. Gate they said water company ask you if it was a sham from day one but.

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