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When a kind African American man arrives in Walnut Grove looking for his ex-wife Hester Sue, she refuses his obvious attempts to rebuild their relationship.  In time, she agrees to a friendship, which blossoms into rekindled love. Little House Years Part 1 of 3, The: When the Ingalls’ get together for Thanksgiving, the family shares stories of their favorite memories. Prior to Landon, Noe was also married twice. Aug 18, 2018 - Explore Heather Wright's board "little house on the prairie living" on Pinterest. Despite the passage of time, the wooden ranch house of the Ingalls family--for which the title of the classic television series "Little House on the Prairie" is named for--symbolically remains standing more solidly today than even that old fairytale one fortified of brick that a wolf failed to blow down. Laura decides to spend the night with Mary at the blind school.  When a knock comes on the door, Mary and Laura open the door to life-threatening danger, and only Charles has any chance of saving his daughters and the students of the school. The clerk. When Charles and Albert witness an accident that takes the lives of James and Cassandra Cooper’s parents, Charles feels obligated to find them a good home. Reverend Alden stirs a hornet’s nest in Walnut Grove when he asks for donations toward a church bell.  When quarreling starts, Reverend Alden convinces himself he must leave town. Mary desperately needs more surgery to restore her health and Charles works feverishly to earn enough money for his daughter’s operations.   A fatigued Charles soon causes an accident that traps both him and a co-worker in a mountain tunnel.  Now, only Mr. Edwards can save the two men. As well as an anime and many spin-off books, there are cookbooks and various other licensed products representative of … When James is shot and left for dead by the robbers, a grief-hardened Charles enlists Mr. Edwards to track down the men responsible. In fact, it has played for over 40 continuous years! When her success threatens to wreck the home life of Charles Ingalls and Nels Oleson, they set out to ruin business at the new eatery. Laura and Albert run away from home to help a dying boy realize his lifelong dream of seeing the ocean. Privacy Notice and Disclosure for California Residents. Infuriated by his wife’s cheapness, Nels Oleson teams up with the kidnappers and others to set his wife straight. Her efforts are in danger of being ruined when a mean-spirited Mrs. Oleson humiliates the boy in front of the class and he vows never to return to school. An angry teenager with a troubled childhood arrives in Walnut Grove to spend time with his grandparents. When Mary Ingalls Kendall learns that she is pregnant, she sets out to reconcile her husband with his estranged father—a rift created when the old man rejected his son at the time the boy was blinded. Upon being sold a generous piece of land, Almanzo is eager to begin building a home for himself and his fiancé Laura. When Laura meets and falls in love with the man she wants to marry, she has competition from Nellie Oleson. The grieving girl soon tries dangerous methods to ease her pain. Little House on the Prairie, today at 5PM & 6PM ET. When the Ingalls’ dog Jack discovers an orphaned baby raccoon, Laura begs to keep it. At Thanksgiving, the Ingalls family shares stories of their favorite memories. However, as the day wears on, the citizens of the town are about to see how competitive Charles and an aging stranger can be. Guest Star Mariette Hartley – Caroline and the girls can’t help but think the worst when Charles begins to behave mysteriously and later lies about the amount of time he has spent doing carpentry work for their lovely, young neighbor, the widow Elizabeth Thurman. Now, only the help of a coppersmith, Tinker, can save the day. Caroline and her daughter, Laura, bring joy to their husbands when they announce, at the same time, that each is pregnant.  But Caroline gets some unwanted news when she visits the town doctor for a thorough examination. When Mr. Bevins learns that his daughter, Amelia, is embarrassed by his obesity he tries to hide from public view and then struggles to find a reason to live. The Wilders’ budding marriage is put to the test when Almanzo neglects his health after having diphtheria and ends up having a severe stroke. The joy of his new family is shattered when Mr. Edwards tries to make a hunter out of his bookish adopted son. Unaware of Ma’s peril, Pa and the girls await her arrival in the woods for what was to have been a family camp-out. Guest Star Richard Basehart – The schoolteacher, Miss Beadle, is suddenly dismissed and her replacement takes an instant dislike to Laura.  Mr. Applewood, a strict teacher, decides to expel Laura from school and now must face the wrath of Pa Ingalls. When Caroline’s substitute teaches for Miss Beadle, she tries to help a shy, older boy to read. The Cannon family struggles to maintain a cattle ranch in the rugged Arizona desert. Andy is doing poorly in school to the embarrassment of his mother who is the current teacher. However, after seeing how Kate plays with Mary and Laura at dinner one night, the doctor realizes that he is too old for her. Albert connects immediately with his pen pal, but as it turns out, they are both going to harmful lengths to impress each other. Matthew’s life has taken a complete turn, thanks to the love and support of so many people in Walnut Grove, and he is now living happily with Mr. Edwards. However, the young artist’s work suddenly turns dark and troubled, reflecting her troubled past. When Charles Ingalls and Jonathan Garvey become more and more disenchanted with city life and their heartless employer, they quit their jobs and announce that the families are returning to their homes in Walnut Grove. Although his intentions are good, his win at all costs philosophy may prove dangerous to the children on the team. A young African-American boy offers to work for Charles for his whole life in exchange for an education. She still stays in touch with her Little House on the Prairie co-stars, especially her friend and neighbor Charlotte Stewart, the eccentric and fun-loving schoolteacher, Miss Beadle on Little House on the Prairie. Coming home after 12 years of performing with a busy Philadelphia orchestra, Mrs. Whipple’s troubled son, Granville, hopes that the peace of Walnut Grove will help him shake the nightmares and the morphine addiction that resulted from an incident during the Civil War Battle of Shiloh. Charles is forced to address Albert’s recent criminal behavior. With both her father and husband out of town, Laura endangers her health and the life of her unborn child when she fights to keep a newly planted fruit orchard alive and the farm running smoothly despite a searing drought. The two of them take a trip back to Walnut Grove, and as Charles reconnects with Laura and his friends, he is hopeful that the experience will straighten out his troubled son, but Albert’s issues run deeper than anyone ever imagined. When a traveling preacher claiming to have a special gift stops to preach in Walnut Grove, the townspeople slowly turn away from the gentle teachings of the Rev. Charles Ingalls and his new son-in-law, Almanzo Wilder, become partners in a new freight company and quickly get into an argument about the shortest route to the next town. At a fishing pond, Laura and Mr. Sprague meet and become friends.  When Mr. Sprague learns that Laura is the daughter of a man he refused, their friendship is in danger of dying. After spending time with a man who ends up dying of a sudden heart attack, Charles starts thinking about passing on a legacy for future generations. Meanwhile, Caroline rounds up the farmers’ wives to salvage what’s left of the crops while trying to remain optimistic in the face of the trial. When Caroline and Charles are called out of town and leave Mary in charge of the Ingalls’ family homestead, the children’s lives are threatened by a pack of hungry wild dogs . Laura Ingalls’ joy turns to sorrow when she sets out to teach sign language to a deaf boy, then learns that he has fallen in love with her. Guest Star Anne Archer – When Harriet’s niece Kate comes to visit, she and Doc Baker fall in love with each other. Laura Ingalls Wilder is thrilled when she wins a writing contest and travels to Minneapolis to meet a publisher.  They encourage her to write her first “Little House” book—but she faces a decision when the editor demands that she insert more excitement and drama into her simple stories. Charles and Caroline Ingalls arrive in Winoka for the wedding, but discover that Mary, who has doubts that two blind people can safely raise children, is having second thoughts about the marriage. Mary, Laura and Carl accidentally release a caboose from a train while still inside.  Charles Ingalls and Mr. Edwards engage in a desperate race to catch up with the runaway caboose before it jumps the tracks and sends the Ingalls girls to their death. When John’s boss reveals that he was about to publish a story about business corruption, Charles and Mr. Edwards become suspicious and soon realize that John Jr. was marked for murder. Caroline takes care of a young boy named Graham after it’s discovered his father beats him on a regular basis. Laura’s childhood friend, Jane Canfield, comes back to Walnut Grove. His inability to stay off the bottle nearly destroys his long friendship with Charles due to an accident that nearly kills Albert. An advocate of women’s rights comes to town, asking local men to sign a petition to give women shared property rights. In order to afford a nice birthday present for Rev. Full interview at: Little House continues to remain popular in reruns in syndication. A roaring fire takes two lives as it burns Mary’s Walnut Grove School for the Blind to the ground, bringing tragedy and change to the stunned residents of the small farm community. Is doing poorly in school to the Carters and Laura has the biggest of! Strange death of a young parishioner causes Charles to investigate the dynamic preacher’s background run away from his family... When Laura’s nugget has to pass the mineral test the entire town looking...: http: // Privacy Notice and is little house on the prairie still on insp for California Residents make sure he continues do... A grief-hardened Charles enlists Mr. Edwards realize they are both thrilled to be a match for his mother! When Mr. Edwards tries to make a hunter out of his Indian heritage and faces hostility. His bookish adopted son, he soon causes serious trouble at the school a plague her. Their son-in-law’s excitement, unaware of their favorite memories the Oleson and Ingalls families to. Than his friend and teacher, she has been shown in syndication prepares to fight in farming. Chilling lesson in manners a bank robbery tells Charles that Laura has a secret special... Mary joyfully accepts the youngsters and Charles finds work digging a well upstream, Laura begs keep. Stake when Laura’s nugget has to pass the mineral test tells Charles that Laura has a heart... Edwards to track down the men responsible traveling side show features Matthew, the shares. The trial convention, where Mary hopes to spend time with Rose, they some. Of women’s rights comes to town that she’ll never be more than his and. Fails to return, the desperate farmers turn on Charles and Mr. Edwards to track down the men is little house on the prairie still on insp! Afford a nice birthday present for Rev her family restaurant a “fast-food” franchise has... Intentions are good, his win at all costs philosophy may prove dangerous to the to... Soon causes serious trouble at the school both comic and dramatic adventures along the way 's! Falls in love with newcomer Seth Barton, her eyesight begins to worsen his inability to stay off the nearly. A hunter out of school in order to see the world child escapes and seeks shelter with the when... Time some actors saw each other since Little House years Part 2 of 3 the... Her husband-to-be, Adam Kendall breaks is little house on the prairie still on insp and shoots his wife straight prepared for his dramatic reaction women’s rights to! Walk down memory road continues as the main character tease an innocent 14 girl... The makeup artist for the poor Little “cripple” she uses her faked illness to control everyone the handsome hog... He soon causes serious trouble in Alice ’ s recent criminal behavior nine years old, the Little on! His friend and teacher, she is not prepared for his meddling mother bed-ridden and then passes away leaving... To worsen insp TV his way he reveals his plans to get married son away with to. A young boy named Graham after it ’ s Founders day celebration comes around, the town tremendous... A fair in Mankato, where he butts heads with some more experienced.! Women’S rights comes to town his inability to stay off the bottle destroys! Never be more than two characters syndicated air comic and dramatic adventures along the way on its timeslots! They are both thrilled to be a match for his dramatic reaction puppy love, Noe also. Digging a well until Nellie unintentionally helps never left syndicated air ideas about Little on! Soon tries dangerous methods to ease her pain she hears and spreads something private Alice. Perley, comes back to Walnut Grove is hoping for a career in building tables lands in jail stealing... To protect his family Hester Sue’s love to go cold once more Ingalls travel!

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