pin lock keg vs ball lock

Both are generally 1/4″  Three of these have MFL/Male Flare connections. To the point where new Ball Lock Keg prices can, at times, be similar to used Ball Lock kegs. Those are not interchangeable with standard lids. Links to other websites may also be affiliated including links that are submitted via comments or tips. The disconnects are pressed on the post and the collar rotates to lock onto the pins. All of your ball lock, pin lock, sanke and cornelius keg fitting needs. One style may work better for your setup. My question arises in the fact my kegerator is set up for a commercial keg and I need to convert it to fit my ball-lock keg. View our selection of Pin Lock Kegs at, Ball Lock Cornelius Kegs: Ball lock Cornelius kegs are also known as Pepsi kegs; this style was used by Pepsi but was also used by everyone else so this style became more popular than the pin lock. The pin lock o-ring extends out just a little bit further than the ball lock o-ring. Pin Lock Cornelius Kegs: Pin lock Cornelius kegs are also known as Coke kegs, because this style was used exclusively by the Coca Cola Company and use a pin-lock style disconnect to connect and disconnect to the liquid and gas lines. Cornelius R (pin lock): The pin lock and ball lock both refer to the way the quick disconnects attach to the Cornelius keg. Thanks again, well done. Also: Kegerator Tips & Gear | Keg Repair Part #s | Recent Keg Finds. Actual size varies based on manufacturer and model. Cornelius Spartan & Super Champion: Gas 19/32” – 18 Liquid 19/32” – 18. True ball lock kegs have pressure relief valves built into the lid, and pin lock kegs rarely do. Depending on the size/type of kegerator you are using, this may be the deciding factor (it was for me). Seems like there are more spare parts available for the ball lock kind. toppost:ballvspinlockkegs tag:tpr rs:2. The Pin Lock Keg is about 2.5″ shorter than the Ball Lock KegTop down view. Cornelius kegs, commonly called “corny kegs”, were originally used in the soft drink industry for the soda fountains. What’s the Difference Between Ball Lock Kegs and Pin Lock Kegs? You can also use them to quickly carbonate homebrew and fine tune carbonation levels (maybe for competition entry). The bottom left QD has a barb. I never have to worry about which is liquid, and which is gas, as the former is 3 pin, and the latter is 2 pin. Kegerator Foam Problems? Pin Lock Post Set - Firestone Keg - Used. Pin lock disconnects use a pin to secure to the posts. Maybe the shorter height is better for your setup. A 5 gallon Ball Lock keg is about 25″ tall and 8.5″ diameter; A 5 gallon Pin Lock Keg is about 22-24″ tall and 9″ in diameter; These are guidelines. Download Image. 2. The official specs for this offering are 22-24″ tall and 9″ diameter.Ball Lock Style Lid. The containers we call Ball Lock and Pin Lock Kegs come from the soda industry. to install drink dispensers and more. It may be difficult to see in these photos, but the left side shows a pin lock post with a ball lock o-ring installed on it. Notice that Pin Lock QDs are taller than Ball Lock QDs. Ball Lock: There are two primary post sizes for standard ball lock kegs. For the smaller 11/16″ posts I have only seen 6 point. Part# KP318 $39.99 $34.95. The CornyKeg pin to ball lock conversion kit allows you to convert any Firestone, Spartansburg or Hoover pin lock keg into a ball lock keg. See: Why Won’t My Homebrew Carbonate? Ball Lock Post Set - Cornelius Keg. For those I give up a little convenience (Flare) for more security (Barb).This Ball Lock (CMBecker Brand) QD is approximately 2.25″ tall.This Pin Lock (CMBecker Brand) QD is approximately 3.25″ tall. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; amzn_assoc_enable_interest_ads = "true"; amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "related0d8-20"; amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "auto"; amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; amzn_assoc_region = "US"; amzn_assoc_linkid = "e28b40a2f79231032cf22e1d82eb34f0"; amzn_assoc_emphasize_categories = "1000,1055398,16310091"; amzn_assoc_fallback_mode = {"type":"search","value":"homebrewing"}; amzn_assoc_default_category = "All"; OUT/Liquid Posts do not have these notches.Ball Lock Style Posts are generally either 11/16″ or 7/8″ and can be tightened and loosened with a regular wrench.Pin Lock Style Posts. This is a re-conditioned 5 Gallon Pin Lock, Soda Keg (Coke style). Note that most of the ball lock kegs sold on the CornyKeg web site are converted pin lock style kegs. – Kegerator and Fermentation – con…, MoreBeer Holiday Ale Recipe Kit – $27.99 + Free Ship Eligible, A 5 gallon Ball Lock keg is about 25″ tall and 8.5″ diameter. They fit on 1L and 2L size PET Bottles and allow you to pressurize a PET bottle for transporting or preserving the carbonation level of your homebrew (Squeeze out the air in the headspace first to minimize oxygen pickup). New Cornelius Keg Lid with New pressure relief valve – via Adventures in Homebrewing. For a rundown of homebrew keg options and suppliers check out our Homebrew Keg Roundup. 19L Ball Lock Keg - Brand New with 5 Years Warranty. The kegs are in good shape, but could have small dings, dents or scratches. I’m confused, is this line correct: “Pin Lock on left, Ball Lock on Right.”? All information is provided on an as-is basis. There are a few styles available. Whether you are building a draft system or replacing a leaky keg part, you will find the hardware you need here. Homebrew Finds makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site and will not be liable for any errors, or omissions in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. Ive got 4 right now, but I use 2 to ferment and 2 to serve. The second thing you will find is that the Pepsi style Cornelius Kegs typically have a pull ring relief valve in the center of the lid while the coke style Cornelius Kegs have a “fuse” type relief valve. Having said that, I prefer barb connections for gas lines. We stock all styles and sizes of homebrew beer kegs for sale to get your brew on tap. This post focuses on the commonly used 5 gallon size. This keg has been cleaned and soaked in a hot "Brew Clean" solution, re-rinsed, lubed and re-pressurized to check the seals. There are also generally two tubing connection choices. Pin Lock: I’m aware of one standard size 13/16″. I’m aware of one accessory that, to my knowledge, is available for Ball Lock Kegs, but not available for Pin Lock Kegs…  Carbonation Caps  [Search Stainless Steel Carbonator Cap on Amazon]. A couple thoughts – 1. Fix Kegerator Condensation, Homebrew Temp Controller Roundup! Pin locks are slightly shorter and fatter than ball lock kegs. Pin Lock Cornelius Kegs: Pin lock Cornelius kegs are also known as Coke kegs, because this style was used exclusively by the Coca Cola Company and use a pin-lock style disconnect to connect and disconnect to the liquid and gas lines. The right side shows a pin lock post with the pin lock o-ring installed on it. Having a manual PRV valve is an advantage in my book and on this count Ball Lock Style kegs win. Home Brew Keg Roundup – New & Used, 5 and 2.5 Gallon & More! To use Homebrew Finds you must be 21 years or older. I would add one more thing: There are some sellers out there selling west they call “low profile ball locks”. Both have automatic safety PRV valves. That is, if the pressure gets too high, both will automatically vent for safety reasons. If a little beer is leaking, you can tighten up the flare nut. For ball-lock we sell both new ball-lock and refurbished ball-lock kegs, we only sell refurbished pin-lock kegs. These keg post will make your pin lock keg into a ball lock keg in moments. You may have a different thread type to our 19L New Ball Lock Kegs which are 19/32" Liquid and Gas. In the case of the Coke style Cornelius Keg most people just depress the gas side post to relieve pressure from the keg. And no, that’s not why more people like ball lock kegs. 5 gallons of beer = 640 ounces. Hands on Review: Kegland DuoTight Fittings & EVABarrier Tubing! Ideal for any homebrewer that has their home draft setups already assembled with ball lock fittings. Manual PRV – Ball Locks generally feature manual PRV valves which make it easier to vent kegs. That’s just over (53) 12 Ounce Beers or (40) 16 Ounce/Pint Size Beers. 3. I started off with pin lock kegs, then had both for a while, which sucked, choose one or the other. When it comes to corny keg disconnects, what are the pros and cons of pin lock vs ball lock posts? Kegs! For the 7/8″ Ball Lock I found that a 22mm, 12 point deep socket fits even better than the 7/8″, 12 point socket. Both of these kegs have a ~5 gallon capacity. Smaller 11/16″ post should work with either 6 or 12 point tools. The last real noticeable difference in these kegs are the dimensions of them. A good upgrade for Pin Lock kegs is to replace Pin Lock style lids with Ball Lock Style Lids. We carry both threaded disconnects and barbed disconnects depending on your preference. //

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