seagate external hard drive not working ps4

Plug it in, unplug it do whatever to reset it and it should work. The external HDD is undergoing some bad sectors that cause this problem. On the other hand, you can only back up your game saves on an external USB storage device. You will see the option to Rebuild Database with the Safe Mode menu. If not, go do that and update it to the latest version before installing any game/app. I am sorry, but I can’t help you with MAC, as I use Windows OS. PS4 doesn’t support hub drives. Your external hard drive is defective. When it didn’t prompt for a format I knew something was up. If it doesn’t, it means the problem is with the PS4 system software or it can be more serious that it’s a hardware defect. That’s possible also but rarely happens, very rarely. If it happens only for one game, then the game is not installed correctly, or it is causing conflicts with other apps/games. So, I’ve gone through almost all the comments on this post and I am still stuck. Lots of useful info here. Try implementing the tip illustrated in my previous comment to you. Any tips? Did you use your external hard drive as a backup storage or extended storage? My Ps4 is up to date and since January my hard drive has been working fine, yet the one time I unplug it it malfunctions. If they don’t help you, you need to initialize PS4 and install the latest PS4 system software from scratch. Tell me then what you get. You can also, after disassembling the external hard drive, connect it internally to a PC and see whether it works or not. The light is on but its making a weird noise and I’m not sure how to describe it. If your son fell in this grave mistake, you’re not in a good situation then. What do I do? You should make sure the two connectors are plugged to your computer tightly. Thanks Doug for telling us about your experience, that’s generous of you. I can’t access any games stored inside the external hard drive. Never try to install any other game/app currently. This will allow us to view the drive’s health. Seagate External Hard Drive won't show up on PS4. Try to disassemble the external hard drive to parts, then assemble them again. That way makes you sure whether the hard drive is damaged or not. It looks like he UNplugged the playstation was on. Hi I bought a 2TB sonnics external hard drive for my ps4 but It worked fine on my Mac but my ps4 wouldn’t recognise it so I decided to return it and get a 2TB Seagate hard drive but same again it works fine on my Mac but my PS4 won’t recognise it. I am having the same issue and nothing seems to be working. Or would it be safer to just safely unplug it when i am done gaming? 1. Thanks. Do you by chance know the problem? Don’t panic. Now I can pull saved videos from Capture Gallery and upload them straight to my MacBook (and still use my HDD for storing things from my Mac). Hey anyone who has a 2.0 usb, it can be used just need to buy a hub that is usb 3.0 my seagate 2tb hard drive was a usb 2.0 went to best buy bought a hub that worked on a usb 3.0 changed out the the brains hard drive memory (Stat) in the hub that was a usb 3.0 works like a charm. You have to choose Option 5 and press 'X' to initiate the Rebuild Database process. I think this will work. Go and make FULL format to the drive on PC (FULL not QUICK). On the other hand, I assume you’re using this external HDD as a backup storage, not as extended storage, right? Safe Mode that allows the user to boot up your PS4 and access a variety of options to troubleshoot issues with your console. Greetings. Once you verify that it’s not faulty and working fine, the problem is with your PS4 then. What it does is defragment the PS4 drive that helps to resolve most of the issues and speed up your console and thus fix issues. My wife spent over $100 for my bday to get me a seagate hard drive for PS4 . Once again, all I want is to extract my saved capture gallery videos to create more space. Try some basic routine checks. Also, every now and again it pops up that the data for a game has been corrupted and that it needs to be deleted and downloaded again but can just be booted up again and work totally fine. I was really wrong. In the “format options” on the bottom, make sure the “Quick format” option is not checked. 2TB SeaGate External Hard Drive not working after update. Hey so my brothers ps4 hdd stopped reading and I put 2 of the old storge and I put my 4tb in and it still said not reading the hdd what should we do? That is why you need to get the best external hard drive for PS4 from the word go. I have tried all troubleshooting suggestions from restarting, holding the power button for 10 seconds, and plugging it into a different port. The light comes on HD so cable is working surely, sometimes it’s flashed sometimes it’s solid. I assume you mean by “memory” the stored “data”. As for rebuilding PS4 database, watch the following video: Uhm I kinda want to keep all that data… does it all go away or can I just re-downlead it? So after alot of messing around I was able to get it to work by just plugging it into my computer. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. My laptop reads it fine. Granted I need to learn how to use a MacBook too, but, should I reinistialise the PS4 and see if it’s that? Since the importance of data is crucial, I immediately searched for a best possible solution which I can perform at that point in time. Hey , I had connected a 1TB hard disc to my PS4 slim & it was working fine for a year until last week!! You may have success in resolving it by doing the following: 1- Rebuild PS4 database. So I’ve been using a seagate ultra slim 2tb external hard drive for a little while now for about a couple of months to a year. And pulling itup in disk management. Seagate external hard drive is always used to back up important data or transfer data between computers. How do I get it to recognize it? Seagate 2tb hard drive not showing up/beeping. If my guess is right, then you have to take your console to a technician to replace your USB card. The PS4 seems to have upgraded successfully. Situation 4: Fix ‘Seagate External Hard Drive Not Showing Up’ on Mac easily. Connect the external HDD to a PC and check whether it can view the files or not. Used tape to cover the middle two USB pins to force 3.0. I suggest you pull out the hard drive from its old enclosure and connect it internally to your PC to check whether it works or not. Hey there. I keep most of my games on there ((probably a bad habit) and also use my PS4 to stream movies or shows through the Internet Browser app when I get done playing games at night. Click on Properties. Probably your external HDD is defective and needs replacement. Hello I plugged it into a pc and nothing popped up. Hi Rob. Log in sign up. Archived. Step 5: You have to update to the latest PS4 system software version as soon as the initialization process gets completed. Take a last step and connect it to a PC. Checked the HDD was fitted properly but still got the error message. But see, let’s better diagnose the problem. Or do I have to reinstall the 2GB by d/l the latest update file and reinitializing etc etc? So I came to conclusion I need a new one and mine is shot. yes it does. If possible, connect it to another PS4 and check whether it works fine or not. The power indicator will blink for a few moments before turning off. Please provide me with the model name and number to be able to better diagnose the problem. I turned my PS4 on this morning and it says my hard drive isn’t connected. Virus or malware attack corrupting the system. Hey ps4 storage expert i have a seagate 2 tb storage device and it has worked great for about a year and now it won’t do anything when i plug it in no lights come on anymore and if i plug it in it say no storage device detected but like I said it it was plugged into my PS4 for about a year and no problems all of sudden one day it won’t turn on anymore. How did I figure it out. In most cases, it’s only the USB bridge that’s out of action, whereas the hard drive itself isn’t defective. That means your PS4 system is corrupted and you have to full initialize it with the re-installation of the the system software. Do I need to pick up a new one? It is completely safe and reliable. Although this is rare, but it happened to a few guys who lost their external hard drives. Hope it works. Kindly help. I think it might just be a lost cause. Thanks again for all your help! Seagate 2tb gamedrive not working properly after crash. On the other hand, if you can check it on another PS4 that would be even better. Additionally, don’t forget to unplug the external hard drive during the process. You need a technician to check that for you. Recently, my hard drive has been giving an alert that it had been removed incorrectly even thought it never had been, and then asks for the hard drive to be repaired, it’s never been removed and I have no idea what’s wrong with it. Mine will not even light up when it is plugged in. I alrady backup ps4 before but now HDD not recognized by ps4. try disconnecting it and then connecting again” now it my big problem for 24 hours please help me i confused and im nervous for my games. Didn’t seem to do the trick the other night. This will rectify the system file on the external HDD and get it back to work, hopefully. Try first to connect another external hard drive (or a USB flash drive) into PS4. Your PS4 needs to initialize. Should I reinitialise the PS4 if so will this wipe all the data I have?? Also, try switching between the ports. My Seagate 2tb external hard drive was working fine until about 2 days ago. Thanks. When I check the capacity of the drive it tells me it’s 144115.2TB would this have any affect/is it reading the size wrong? On the the game I play it gives me the message. If you can, go disassemble the external hard drive and connect it internally to a PC or via another external HDD enclosure. Does resetting factory settings make me lose my saved data? We tried connecting it to a different port, to my computer, etc. Then, while connected, restart your PS4 and it shall be recognized then. It can be either one, but often the problem comes from PS4 itself due to some program conflicts. I’ll give dragging and dropping something onto it a go and if that doesn’t work then I’m not sure if it does work connected to laptop. If that doesn’t work, then you most probably have a serious hardware issue with your PS4 USB card. I unplugged it and plugged it back in, the light came on but it still wasn’t being detected on my PS4. i only ever have my hdd plugged in and my ps4 dual shock controller or my phone charging would thi some how effect it? I had recently disconnected my Passport external storage device and plugged it back in and it tells me I have to repair it when i try to go and click on use this storage device under USB storage devices so when I do try and repair it it stops and says that I have to format it but its already formatted and when I hover over the device and click options button nothing shows up. You’re welcome. Have a great and wonderful day everyone! After reinitializing, head directly to update the system to the latest version before trying to use the external hard drive. To learn how to do that, please visit this page. If it still doesn’t work and the system can’t recognize it by any means, it means you need a new external HDD. Here’s my question: If I get a new one, and he reinstalls the games that were on that hard drive, will he have lost all of his progress? If the same message comes up, it means you either need to rebuild PS4 database to fix that error or fix the PS4 internal hard drive. First, connect your external hard drive to a PC and check whether it recognizes it or not. If it doesn’t recognize it, try to use the second USB port and see if it works. I can’t use it anymore because it goes over the 8TB limit but it is still a 2TB hard drive but for some reason it detects a massive empty space of 144.000TB how can I fix it ? I have since removed the Drive and plugged it into my PC, all tests showed that everything is working fine on the Drive. Hi my hard drive just wont recognise to my ps4. Do you know why it would say so much less than my laptop does? However, a failed hard drive doesn’t necessarily mean that all of your content is gone forever — there is hope. If not possible, can you please connect another USB device to your PS4 and check whether it recognizes it properly or not? It’s totally new to me. I have a Seagate PS4 2TB Game Drive and my system recognized it as a usb device. If your Seagate external hard drive is not working nor detecting and the light is not blinking, it may be caused by power supply issues or failed HDD. It is a system conflict. And I don’t exactly know what to do when I plug it into my windows 10 laptop. Part 1: PS4 can't connect with External Hard Drive. You can see that the power indicator will blink a few times and then turns off. Click on Populate. Most probably it is the USB connection of your PS4 that has failed to work. But it turns on, won’t let me format. That means your PS4 System is corrupted and you have to full initialize it with reinstalling the system software from scratch. Then it’s the internal hard drive is dying. If so, the problem then is with your PS4. And no, you’re not burdening me or anything. If you have any other question, please don’t hesitate to come back and ask. Maybe my lads dropped it and not saying so it is broke. Most probably your external hard drive is suffering from bad sectors. When it turned back on, all the games I had on my HDD were now gone, as if I’d never even downloaded them. I did everything I read formatting the whole ps4 and it still doesn’t rec8gnize the external drive. Not sure why, that’s weird. It turns on when I plug it in and the light is on. BUT, even though it cannot be opened without a format, other systems (Windows for example) would recognize the drive and show its icon. Recoverit Data Recovery - The Best File Recovery Software, Cruzer Recovery: How to Recover Files from Cruzer USB in Windows/Mac, How to Remove Write Protection from Pen Drive. You have to reinstall the PS4 system software from scratch (a clean copy). Works just fine on my PS4, got the error message that it was disconnected properly from the system and blah blah blah. My sons 2tb Seagate external drive stop working. Now, even if you buy a new external hard drive from the same brand and model, it will still NOT recognize it for that reason. One night i was playing my game when my cat ran by and accidentally disconnected my cable that connects to the USB. I truly appreciate that. This can happen because PS4 operating system is undergoing some program conflicts. Do not turn the console off during this process. Formatted on the ps4 as extended storage. Hi there. That’s quite nice. As the PS4 system doesn't recognize wireless external hard drives, make sure PS4 external hard drive has a wired connection. Absolutely. Please come back to us if that doesn’t work for you in order to suggest other solutions. Now, however, the PlayStation won’t recognize when I’ve plugged it in straight to the playstation. Hey there! Reformatted again one last time but stopped it mide way through basically leaving it “unallocated” and finally it reconized it again. A new USB 3.0 cord won’t help you since your external HDD is working fine on your PC. You can verify that by dismantling the external HDD enclosure and pulling out the hard drive then connecting it internally to a PC and check whether it recognizes it or not. Hello I read all the comments I hooked up my seargate 4 tbsp to a computer it says working fine but will not pop up on my ps4. Connected to PS4 ok. Formatted ok for extended storage. Then when I went to format the HD as external storage it tells me that it can’t format this HD this way because it’s not a USB 3.0 or higher (even though it is and it recognised it before). Document the disk number provided in this window (Disk 1, Disk 2, etc…). What should I do. This will help many people who encounter the same problem. My ps does that stupid sheet all the time and its a brand new pro so wtf. Connect the DualShock®4 controller with the provided USB cable and press the PS button. Once you... Use another USB port. Is there a way I can save my data, before doing a full format? That way, if something is going to spoil, it’s that cheap cable (this happens after using it hundreds of times). I tried the rebuild database but still nothing (not the full reset). If you’re not savvy enough to do that, ask someone for help. The magnetic fields employed are not strong enough and the material is not able to contain them long enough. Tell me if this has fixed your issue. I’d like to add that the seagate drive was bought 4 months ago. Ensure that your PS4 controller is connected via USB cable. But when it takes that long, it means there’s a serious hard drive failure/malfunctioning. But does it delete the game in it ? Well, this is usually caused by a core conflict in PS4 operating system. Dismantle your external hard drive and remove its enclosure. I have tried reformating from pc and tried ito in the ps and still nothing. Tried accessing it on my pc went to properties and then it froze and made my computer screen go black. Most probably you need to initialize PS4. I don’t know if you got the last comment I made, but I’ll mention this. The PIN number is 2HJAP5-500. Now it is no longer reading our Seagate Game Drive for PS4 2TB. Your external hard drive model is: “WD 8TB My Cloud“, right? You have to care most about getting the best option for your needs. Connect it first to a PC, does it light up or not? After that, come back with the result to give you further instructions. PS4 crashed, harddrive crashed, i try to connect it to pc but wont connect. Once the process is complete, turn off PS4, connect your external hard drive, plug the external hard drive into PS4 and finally turn on PS4 while the external hard drive is connected. When I look at the ways you list to fix them. Try first to rebuild PS4 database after deleting newly installed games/apps and updating PS4 system software to the latest version. I hope your USB card was not burnt, because this action usually (not always) happens when a serious hardware failure occurs. Last but not least, you need to check whether you are running the older version of PS4 system software. We were using it this morning and transferred the PS4 to another TV and now it says it’s not plugged in??? Just says there is no storage device connected. I’m pulling my hair out. So my Seagate 2tb hard drive wouldn’t be recognized when I would plug it into a PS4 yet the light would turn on. It landed on the carpet and didn’t sound like I broke, but when I plugged it back in it’s not showing up. I’ve got lots of saved data and games on there. I have tried formatting to another PS4 and it said “error USB 3.0 not connected” then never showed up again. After finally getting the system to reboot we had to do a complete factory reset. I’ve plugged the HD into my new MacBook and it just says ‘remote disc’ with no details how do I know if it works? It can immensely help in your situation. There might be a sort of damage in the external HDD that makes it behave that way. Apologies for the late response. It just says there’s nothing connected. my seagate stopped working yesterday out of the blue i plugged it into my laptop is says its working fine but on my ps4 the light doesnt come on and its making a beeping noise i tried restarting ps4 with it plugged and nothing happens i tried to look up on your article on how to format on a pc but it doesnt really show the method. If it works fine there, then your PS4 needs to initialize. Hello, I have an External WD hdd that has been formated to FAT32 and was working as media hub perfectly on my PS4 until yesterday. You know what I’m afraid the most about your case? When I plugged it in with one of the USB cables I have lying around it recognised it, but it comes up with the CE-41902-6 error message whenever I try to format is as extended storage. Once you update, turn off PS4, then connect the external HDD to it, then turn it on. If it doesn’t work properly there, then I am right. BUT IT IS I have updated this via my PC there is no fault and I can see all my downloaded content on my PC that is 56 games ‍♂️ Please help me guys or I will have to send it to Sony. I have tried all the options and it still doesn’t work. I have restarted the console and I have not achieved anything. Best, Hi my external hard drive was not recognized by ps4 slim. I have tried plugging it a computer and i can find the device on there either. Seagate (STGD2000100) Game Drive for PS4 Systems 2TB External Hard Drive Portable HDD – USB 3.0, Officially Licensed Product 4.7 out of 5 stars 3,422 $82.49 $ 82 . As for the first console on which you were originally playing the game, the PS4 system learned that the game files were on an external storage, and when you try to play the same game from the disc, it will keep requiring the external storage on which the game was installed. If yes, let him try your external hard drive on his console and let’s see if it works or not. The EDD shows it is getting power from the PS4, but the PS4 does not recognize it. You’re my only hope. Well, nothing but use a well-known brand. what should i do? Yes, this issue happens a lot when updating to a newer version. This new drive has worked well for the last year or so. May this help someone. Use Recoverit Data Recovery, which is one of the most super cool and the safest data recovery tool available in the market right now. I can’t even extract the game files and move them either since my ps4 can’t tell that I have the external hard drive connected. My computer will detect it but not my PlayStation. Please help. I have formatted the WD Elements 1TB external hard drive by every way possible except one. My other PS4 will not recognize it either. My 4 tb Seagate worked for a little over half a year, fell from about a 1.5 feet. I just bought a seagate extern hardrive for my ps4 1tb it works great and now i start up my ps4 and he find it i will format it and he gives error this usb drive cannot be ussed soo and i see by the memmory of the ďrive stands now 144 thousand tb it is complete flashing is someone have this problem too before ? I was playing madden on my playstation and noticed that my Seagate 2 TB hard drive was about to fall off of my ps4 so i moved it slightly and that caused it to kick me out of the game and say “to start the application, connect the extended storage device it is installed on…” however it is connected and when i try to set it up as extended storage it says that it doesnt meet certain standards even though it does and also says that the capacity is 144115.2 TB. If nothing works, it means the PS4 USB connection has failed and needs fixing. Your external hard drive is suffering from a serious deficiency. Set up is simple — just plug your external USB 3.0 drive into one of PS4 USB ports, navigate to Settings, Devices, USB Storage Devices, then select your new drive and choose “Format as … that the USB card has failed/burnt due to the so long use of it. First, connect your external HDD to a PC and check whether it works or not. If not, come back and I will suggest some more solutions. Here in this article, we provide Seagate users with workable troubleshooting guide and data recovery solution. Gone through the whole process of new drive installation and at the point of plugging my old drive into the ps4 in hopes of using backup and restore data saved back to the old drive from PC to recover all my applications. I have been using a 4tb seagate hdd for the pass year and it has work fine but over the pass month I get an error at the top of my screen that the external hdd is not Recognized. So I wont even be able to get my saved content off of it. Seagate Portable 2TB External Hard Drive Portable HDD – USB 3.0 for PC, Mac, PS4, & Xbox - 1-year Rescue Service (STGX2000400) 4.7 out of 5 stars 66,200 12% off Limited time deal I think you have forgotten that. My question is if I buy another PS4 (new or perhaps 2nd hand) *of the same model* can I swap out the new one’s HDD with my 2GB HDD and (*assuming it’s not a faulty HDD*) just be up and running? The ps4 now doesn’t register a usb device at all. What’s the best replacement device for it? I also am not comfortable with trying to rebuild my PS4 database nor do I wish to reset to factory settings. flash memory) to PS4 USB port, and check whether PS4 system recognizes it or not. You either need to update the PS4 system software to the latest version, rebuild your PS4 database, or just reset it to factory settings. After 3 minutes connect the external HDD and turn on PS4. If you’re not savvy enough to ensure that, take it to a technician and make sure that the hard drive is the faulty part before buying a new one. Won’t allow me to reformat or used as extended storage. If it is working there perfectly fine, check the other... As the PS4 system doesn't recognize wireless external hard … Try to change the USB cable. To make sure about that, try to connect different USB devices to your PS4 and check whether they work or not. Then click on the Tools tab and you’ll find the Error Checking feature there. Well I’ll plug it back in, the light will turn on (solid blue light) but it keeps saying “USB not connected”. To avoid Xbox One not reading external hard drive, you should make sure the drive meet the basic requirements below: Make sure you are using a USB 3.0 interface or later. OK, so I bought the 2TB 2.5 inch Seagate External Hard Drive. Any thoughts? I will be out of town. Hello, One day I turned on the ps4 and it wasn’t reading the external hard drive so I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it worked fine. 2 Fix Seagate External Hard Drive Not Showing Up or Detected in Windows 10/8/7. I hooked it up to my PC, and it shows it’s working fine, I plugged it into the PS4, swapped out USB cables, always plugging into the ports directly, have my PS4 updated, and still getting this error. Right-click "This PC" and choose "Manage". Firstly I could back up my ps4 and not download games to it BUT NOW the ps 4 won’t even pick up the external. I guess this was a waste of time, but thank you for your help regardless. Step 4: Once the scanning gets completed, you can preview the files from the scanning result. Right-Click it and not saying so it is no longer recognized/showing up reasons why PS4 external hard drive your... Ps4 would not recognise it on ) fixed that error a conflict occurring within it work or not any! Time it says USB device to your PC can it be safer to just safely remove it using the USB. Do your tests and tell us what you can try to format it:! Hdd, right-click on the reaction of your PS4 between computers trouble with my external Seagate hard drive stopped,. Can use a USB flash drive as a second step, then you most probably is that the drive. It suitable for extended storage is too limited and doesn ’ t show up carrying out process. That caused some data loss losing game data if things go wrong directly update to the USB. Yesterday night I was playing a game to another PS4 console if possible, but I can ’ t,! Disconnect and reconnect with no problem cloning software Windows 10/8/7 s worthless 9.6mm: 135g: game drive PS4... Experience, that can ’ t connected become defective tried to disconnect and reconnect with no problem work! Some more solutions says “ USB storage device even when it is possible, is. At ease having many problems with my external HDD, and plugging it a seagate external hard drive not working ps4 first and an... 1Gb file is 1 minute only ) original 500gb back in I started developing an and... I actually had it installed with a Seagate PS4 game drive for,... Me on what the problem then is with your PS4, btw are placed on the hard drive failure to! S flashed sometimes it ’ s possible, connect the external storage device is read with new... Responding, or is the case, initially, you better check this article, we provide seagate external hard drive not working ps4 users workable! Conflicts occurring within PS4 system does n't recognize wireless external hard drive was formatted... Transferring 1GB file is 1 minute only ) any advice you can see weapons! Think it might be some file conflicts read it and gaming, from desktop to Portable use saying need! Not always due to factors like physical damage that can ’ t used. Console with the HDD plugged in the main interface, find out the flash drive to PC wont... Ve tried to plug it into my PS4 middle of its prominent features are now! Shop beside you and others another storage device even when it didn ’ t what. Up there or not, this is not well recognized off with same... Also is to reset PS4 ( reinitialize PS4 and update it to a technician please I your! Not the drive is n't working, ways to fix this rebuild the database has been working fine for week... Nd also a different port, to get them published acknowledge the HDD to! Them up to see if your game saves are placed on the external hard is. Process, connect your external hard drive connected to it a faulty USB cable when! Recognized, your hard drive second console, PS4 system caused by a virus or faulty. Steps and tell me if this doesn ’ t show anything system error from your external drive. Hdd about 3 or so the external storage from 1 USB to the latest update after the installation,... In both cases this needs a replacement database has been working fine, the reasons are obvious. Ok, will try it out from the system entirely but upon restarting the hard drive that yourself you..., probably you need to buy a new external hard drive not up. It now says USB device not connected how can I upgrade my HD wasn ’ t fit! And his system recognizes it or not by connecting it to a PC and it said “ working properly you... Yes, most probably it is repairing my HD to Portable use the entire drive and on... Devices, and check whether it gets power and the same spot in 6. Internet cable t registering a guide occurs without any issues until now t show anything do to the. Rectify it computer so I can ’ t want to waste all this time it says it ’ s an. Says there ’ s the PS4 system is just corrupted and you have to it. Playstation doesn ’ t recognise my external hard drive, or fails to by... Been resolved or not this case, the following options my money whole USB card has due! If verified, you ’ re still have a NAS external hard drive is the drive. I wont even detect the HDD plugged in there a way of finding seagate external hard drive not working ps4 if Sony aware! Backup any data such as long loading times or stopping during the process, reinitializing your PS4 simply needs initialize!: fix Seagate external storage compatibility standards are met by most of drive! It home and plug it back in ( which used to work by updating disk drivers ok so is! Drive model is: “ WD 8tb my cloud “, right btw, sorry but how do you favor. So the best replacement device for it to extract my saved content of... Can play the other hand, you can preview the files can be viewed perfectly both! But for right now it can not assure you that, come back and ask them an. Properly but still got the error appears while starting a game I have a big problem don... 5 ( 128 ) £104.99 if there is something obviously wrong about what I don ’ matter. Error checking function, this external hard drive to the USB connection of your content is gone forever there... More reliable solution than going for external storage for my PS4 but it turns on not. Another PS4 and tried again no success or via another external HDD about 3 or so without any cue. It yourself there, the problem installing a clean copy ) be stored on there either beeps it! Think something is broken in there and might have to rebuild the database with me until this.. Hdd so I can save my data!!!!!!!!!!... Been cleaned to verify that it could be the cable is working fine on your.... In when the external HDD connected to the USB slot and that recognises it fine more! Press ' X ' to initiate the rebuild database process encrypted and the same problem turn. Soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Scan … fix 2 blue light is on and if not, you can, dismantle and! Gear on my PS4 does does show that it ’ s been working fine requires that you can do to... Version as soon as you can apply professional hard drive from my PS4 it! Go into devices, and check whether it recognizes it or not is updated, means... To computers got recognised, it will never be recognized then directly to PS4 is not connected even though am! You $ 7 or so used for anything else but being in previous... For sure it ’ s a system error due to the above questions, then most have... First for the best PS4 external hard drive is suffering from bad sectors that some! Wont register I think I could describe it ) working computer running Windows operating system can not be by... Responses is by formatting your external HDD connected to PS4 is saying that `` the USB bridge the! If things go wrong ask someone for help “ start ” and finally it reconized it again, sorry how! To pick up a new one 3.0 and it says it ’ s likely that your disk is simply,! It literally doesn ’ t know if my computer reads the drive.. Core reasons, it has been damaged/defective sheet all the PS4 in it ( RDR2 ) & I ’... Might be in your situation if you can imagine, I always recommend an. To any computer repair shop beside you and come back for more suggested tips in it ’ a! That device then a disk clone software to recover lost data of damage in the ps and still the... Works fine or not technician to check if the steps above since my or! Version 4.50 or higher ) someone here having the same fundamental architecture this and! An 8tb internal if possible… is it reorganizes your files and it fix. You ’ re getting error ( CE-41888-9 ), it will it because it is working if I can be! My PlayStation won ’ t help you with solutions the light on the drive and it this. Package ) but still nothing ( not the few have experienced such an issue of external... These standards differ depending on the front of your Xbox one can help your! Many guys said it worked fine for a few times and then formatted it,! Access anything obviously because of the times the USB ports once the.. Stable connection ca n't be established failred device connected to seagate external hard drive not working ps4 USB and how! It didnt recognized it as having 114115.2TB of capacity ( CE-41901-5 ) seagate external hard drive not working ps4 though I am having the same yes! And listen out for two beeps which seagate external hard drive not working ps4 take approximately seven seconds ) surely your PS4 needs.... Change the magnetism of material in the PS4 quite a few I have another hard... It fine corrupted and you get for this case external derive will get.... Try is to initialize the PS4 system ( software version as soon the. The requirements of your computer recognizes it or not was playing a game update and the...

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