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Tweak your Suzuki engine for more Performance with B&B chip tuning module. Off-Road use only. Fixed a bug where lambda A and B showed 0.000 instead of Warmup during warmup. Fixed bug with some settings not having been written. RomRaider is a free, open source tuning suite created for viewing, logging and tuning of modern Subaru Engine Control Units and some older Nissan and BMW M3 (MS41 /42/43) DME. Suzuki Hayabusa Generation 1 (1999-2007) OEM Engine Parts. Fast and easy tuning with MTune All of our systems come with our easy-to-use MTune software for advanced or simple tuning. Bugfix: Local autotune did not function in main fuel 2D table. Added options to add/remove many items at the same time in the bottom data view in MTune. Please don't hesitate to call us at 828-676-2222 (M-F 9-5 EST) if you have any questio.. Channel presets are now back in the Live-logger. Fixed a bug causing the UNDO function (CTRL-Z) to accidentally write the default tune to the ECU if pressing pass the amount of stored undo steps. Schnitz Racings Suzuki GSXR600 ECU Reflashing increases horespower, torque and top speed while eliminating deceleration popping and slow throttle response The cookie settings on this … Fixed a bug where the 3D selected data did not update. Stage 1 , 2 and 3 + egr/dpf/adblue/Dtc removal. Update to add support for more RT values. Remapping an ECU will result in about 10–15% increase in power and 15–20% increase in torque than a factory … With FlashTune's software you can remove restrictions that the factory must put in place to meet strict street vehicle regulations. New Trasdata Position Frame Adapter KIT CAR/LCV, New Genius Car, Bike and LCV OBD protocol kit SLAVE. Since around 2005, the newer outboard engines have been … RPM as axis in power management system (speed was the only option before). Fixed a bug causing nitrous lambda protection to activate before the nitrous system. Bugfix: Timeslip data xxx instead of xx.x. Fixed a bug where the internal wide band sensor accidentally used the manual free air calibration data value on MaxxECU PRO WBO 2 under very rare circumstances. Fixed a bug, RealTime Data value for Injection event start angle (ATDC) was misspelled as DBTC (but values was correctly logged as ATDC). Master solutions are the best for the professional who wants to have the complete control of the remapping procedure of the boat ECU.. First you read the files inside the ECU using KESSv2 or K-TAG, then you edit their parameters using our software … Dig deep for seriously advanced settings – or keep it simple … Fixed a bug causing incorrect scales of CAN Inputs values assigned to some input functions (wheel speed for example). Just enter the nitrous jet size and the system calculates the required fuel. Feature to create base curves for the power management system. Original. New setting for the fuel pump priming time, used by the fuel pump relay output. Fixed a bug causing DINs not to work when a RACE/PRO tune with VR-inputs enabled was loaded into a STREET/SPORT/MINI. Fixed a bug where the PDM could turn off always on outputs set to OFF during CAN errors (PDM Output default states), which was the default settings. Min, max and average values in log viewer. All Suzuki tuning files are custom made and thoroughly tested on a 4x4 state of the art Dynometer. All values in MTune can now be entered as hexadecimal data (start with 0x). Automatic calculation of drive shaft RPM from wheel speeds. Manual ignition adjustment must be done. Power adder control system added the the Power management system to add/remove boost or nitrous depending on speed deviation. Tuning files Suzuki. Bugfix: Missing math-functions in the tables. Fixed a bug in Surface3D where the selected data values did not match the actual selection in some circumstances. Here at ATM-Chiptuning our engineers develop all our software in-house. Fixed a bug where ignition output coil duty was not displayed correctly in RealTime Data, output states. This can bring an extra power of up to 39 hp and 62 Nm can be achieved. Switches to select boost level and other functions in MDash, More options for transmission lockup control, Fixed bug with incorrect speed calculation when using driftshaft sensor, Removed settings that should have been hidden, Control of pneumatic dragracing transmissions, Fixed a bug where timer 1-3 was running too slow, Fixed a bug with the key input not working when connected to a virtual input, Fixed a bug in the traction control system when no module was connected, Selectable filtering of Traction module accelerometer reading (requires a firmware update of the traction module), Three extra tables for user defined functions, Additional fuel and ignition adjustment tables, Fixed problem with the connection to MDash, Warnings can be disabled on launch control, More ignition trim allowed on launch control, Support for 4L60E/4L65E automatic transmissions, Setting for inverting the ignition outputs for some CDI-systems, New cam and VVT trigger: 8-1, alternative trigger position (for use where the missing gap of the cam overlaps the missing gap on the crank), Electronic throttle control (using an external CAN module) can be run. COVID19 UPDATE - We are keeping a close eye on the current situation and in line with latest government guidance we will … Added realtime values for AFR, active launch control, antilag and gearcut. Option to hide infrequent trigger errors. Fixed a bug causing a crash when loading very old tune-files. Fixed a bug where the second rev-limit mode used the first modes cut type. E-Throttle module inputs can now be assigned as any other 0-5V input function. New RealTime Data value: Engine max RPM (resettable with a button in engine counters). New blending feature added for Extra ignition tables and Extra fuel tables. Changed to start/stop buttons for the Trigger logger and extended the Trigger oscilloscope timeout indefinitely. Suzuki M109r : 06-09 Dyno tuned fuel mapping Dyno tuned ignition mapping Restriction removal Ignition based Restriction removal Electronic throttle based Restriction removal gear based Top speed limiter removal Rpm limiter adjustability Toggle traction and power maps Custom road mapped Electronic throttle mapping Decelaration mapping adjustability Fault code FI light fault … Update to the Surface 3D to reflect the 4D axis when using True 4D tuning. Option added ramp back speed to the extra ignition tables. New OEM CAN protocol: BMW E39 M5 (MSS52). Fixed a bug that could cause WBO errors in Engine Startup mode when stalling the engine and waiting more than 2 minutes before restarting. Added setting for primary gear reduction ratio in the input shaft speed sensor used on bikes. RomRaider - Open Source ECU Tuning. Bug fix: Firmware update dialog sometimes appeared behind the main MTune window improved. Option to allow up shifts even when the max gear is engaged for sequential transmissions. Added a warning when the table memory is almost full, or very fragmented (and help on how to fix it), Memory almost full / fragmented. Fixed a bug where the GPO RPM limiters didn't work as expected with INJ cut method. Added function to induce knock in knock sensitivity settings page. Ignition output cylinder x. Fixed a bug which caused unintentional error code 97 during ECU power on. The Suzuki Swift shows us with sporty body, double pipe exhaust and aluminum wheels. Flex Fuel support. Option to use a table for the cranking angle. Tuning. AdBlue Removal. Added feed forward tables for the VVT control. Fixed. Added fuel pressure inputs that can calculate the differential fuel pressure and use that for injector compensations. ZIP Tuning has been rebuilding engines and providing ECU tuning (engine calibration) since 2003 through their dealer workshops around Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA. It works, it is amazing, it is reasonable, and it is smart. ANALOG INPUT (0-5V) or CAN Inputs functions can now be assigned as EGT sensors. 102 kW / 139 HP. Selectable CAN bus (MaxxECU PRO) for all OEM CAN Protocols. New RealTime Data value: Internal outputs states. Fixed a nasty bug which we accidentally added in the last minutes before launching MTune 1.116, causing an unhandled exception when clicking on any axis values in 2D mode. WRT includes support across the Suzuki range of motorcycles and also … New digital input function: Auto transmission lockup enable. Drag zoom and scale lines added to the Log viewer. Added CLT and IAT as destinations for both user CAN and Analog input systems. Added option to select Driven, Undriven or VSS as deactivation condition for the Launch control. The intuitive tuning interface and powerful datalogger are modelled to be familiar to experienced professional tuners while providing all the power of expensive … New trigger mode: Missing teeth (bipolar) for unusual missing tooth wheel designs (some Renaults). Fixed a bug where the GP RPM limit in rare cases prevented engine starts. Oil pressure warning light added to the BMW E46 330i (MS 42/43) OEM CAN protocol. Fixed. CAN inputs (advanced) - Receive CAN data from external electronics and use in MaxxECU, such as OEM vehicle buttons. Fixed a bug where timer reset was delayed 10ms (added asynchronous timer stops). Fixed a bug causing the Fuel EGT correction page to not show up when using EGTs on AINs on some ECU. OEM CAN Buttons for the Corvette C6 (GM E38 ECM) OEM CAN protocol. We are the UK’s largest ecu programming service dealer group/franchise with over 800 dealers and 1000+ Approved Installation Centres. Fixed a bug causing a negative CLT value to be entered in the launch settings. PDM: Added Low power mode (works on rev3 and later hardware). When changing the Lambda correction frequency table with arrow keys, values are now changed by one, not 10. Fixed a bug in EGT output scaling to the KMS CAN Display. DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS; MOTORSPORT CONNECTORS & WIRING; OBD CABLES; DIAGNOSTIC SOFTWARE; ECU Programmers & Tuning… A representation of how far off the VE-table is. Start your search for original ECU files, ECU type, hardware and software numbers and available tuning services here. Fixed a bug where the RT-value Knock correction accumulated showed incorrect values. New Launch control PID rpm control settings for more exact launch rpm. Fixed a problem that could cause VVT PID windup. By Veloce Performance. We offer flashes for many models and do it here on site. New OEM CAN protocol: E38 ECM (Corvette C6). Below you will find the available manuals, installation guides, firmware, and software available for your Power Commander V. If you need help with your Power Commander V, please contact our … 1.0 RS Boosterjet. New trigger: Suzuki Swift K12B (2012 - 2017), New trigger: Yamaha 4+1 jet ski waverunner (2010). Actual firing angle in logger (from external pickup, Fluke RPM80). A Superchips ECU remap will optimise the performance of your petrol or diesel vehicle. Added fuel offset and gain adjustments for cylinder 9-12 in Cylinder adjustment. Fixed a bug where an unpredictable saving of log viewer settings was triggered. Established as of February 15,2019. Automatically adjusts stoichiometric AFR. ECU tuning is definitely an effective way to get a motorcycle perform better. Suzuki Carry 0.7i 12v 50 Aszt./ Mgb. New Knock control adaptation table (long term trim) function. Fixed a bug where the rate limit settings would get assigned to the incorrect channels after changing logged channels. Added option to assign ignition output for any cylinder to any output. Supports ranges from 2-1 to 180-4, Honda K20Z4 12+1 crank with 4+1 cam trigger, Single pulse per 720 degrees (piggyback trigger), Suzuki 13B (requires modified trigger wheel), Mazda MX5 NB cam trigger with missing tooth. MTune performance update, reduced MTune loading times by at least half with dynamic object handling. Fixed a bug where Lambda sensor warmup settings didn't show up in MTune on MaxxECU MINI. Fixed. New RealTime Data value: Engine Oil Pressure. 82 kW / 112 HP. Fixed. Flashing, re-calibration, re-mapping, whatever you want to call it is here. Fixed a bug where the E85 sensor caused to much error-codes. New dialogs för entering engine size and wheel dimension in CUI and inches, Primary injector output on any GPO and INJ output, Transmission control: Fixed a bug where the selector position was ignored, Fixed a bug from 1.94 where some outputs didn't work correctly. Improved the repeatability of the Transbrake bump system. ECU Remapping Specialists. New trigger: 18-2-2-2 Jeep Cherokee (MJ-XJ 19). Support for Can Keypads with multicolor LED. Filtering for IAT and CLT sensors (on by default), E-throttle, option to switch PID settings below the rest position, Selectable F-key shortcuts for all settings pages, Autotransmission: Second shift target tables activated by DIN, Autotransmission: Function to control min and max gear for each shift table, Autotransmission: Option to select a different gear while the launch control is active. Improved speed in surface 3D view during Smoothing. DPF - … Nitrous control: A fuel-model based dry stage system. Added easier options to start logging from just RPM and MAP (with off delay feature). Radiator fan disable over a certain speed. Fixed. Fixed a bug in BMW DCT gearbox control which disengage clutch in reverse gear. GO Chiptuning is leading in the development of Suzuki Vitara 1.6i 120hp chiptuning files. Fixed a bug when opening a damaged log-file caused a crash. New trigger: LS 24x with any non-standard cam trigger. Up to 4 PWM modules (requires PWM modules with selectable address, to be released soon). New RealTime Data values for VVT PID terms. ... Certain changes like TRE and rev limiters are no-brainers, but tuning maps will require a dyno/wideband O2 because these settings should be tailored to your specific engine. Fixed a bug causing injector output tests in Single pulse mode to send shorter pulses than programmed. Professional Suzuki Tuning. Option for the anti-lag system to directly control final ignition angle. Improved the gear adjustments boost control correction to be able to add boost. By flashing your ECU you are able to tune your bike without interfering with critical correction factors. Added option to reprogram the Blinkmarine CAN keypads default CAN protocol, Keypad setup. We analyse your vehicle and can adjust the engine management programme, also known as the ECU (Engine Control Unit). Added option to set the Live-loggers memory length. PDM: Added settings for Output default states during CAN-errors, and options to force outputs off when ignition key is off. ecueditor is no longer in active development, Woolich Racing Tuned (WRT) software has superseded ecueditor. Enjoy the new experiences with an ATM-Chiptuning of your Suzuki . Fixed a critical bug where knock control feature did not function properly. Chiptuning & add-on modules SUZUKI MARINE OUTBOARD. Changed the minimum Cut above RPM value in the advanced warning system, to be able to use the warning system even on idle or engine startup. Improved ethanol sensor fail safe behavior, upon Ethanol sensor error, the ethanol concentration value is set to 0.0% and the system uses E85 AFR. Suzuki Hayabusa Generation 2 (2008-2018) OEM Engine Parts. Off-Road use only. New error code: 48 - Overvoltage protection cut. New digital input function: Throttle blip enable. New setting (Max speed) in the Ignition lock/idle control settings. Added the ability to control digital inputs directly from User CAN Inputs. Chip Tuning - Ecu Tuning. The organization only uses the latest technologies and has many years experience in ECU remapping software. MegaTunix is a cross-platform tuning application for some of the available DIY Fuel Injection controllers, including the MegaSquirt (MS1, MS1-Extra, MS2 and MS2-Extra) as … Added option to limit Torque Converter Lockup to certain modes in Auto gearbox control. Timing retard and ramp back during time during shiftcut. Ireland's Premier Motorcycle Tuning & Repair Centre. RealTime Data values for Bluetooth Input switches are now named with the user defined text. Added option to individually calibrate EGT-sensors. Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.0 HDi 5MT 87 216 VR/Mgb. Option to enable the boost controller (wastegate back pressure control) by a digital input Boost Control Enable switch. Fixed a bug caused the calculated ACC calculated speed to show a 10x to high speed. Clutch input can now reset distance counters. If we told you that we can give your car up to 35% more power...and at the same time improve the fuel would be interested right? Added option for the Overrun fuel cut reactivation list to be a dynamic table (that can use 4D). Support for more character types in user AIN names, Input for analog ethanol concentration sensors, Option to input TDC angles for each cylinder (for odd-fire engines), Manual mode for controlling fuel and ignition output distribution, Transmission control: The RPM difference setting is ignored when the value is 0, Option to use fixed color scheme in log viewer (right click menu), Feature to set a zero point in logs to simplify comparing logs (great for dragracing), Ability to connect to the existing vehicle CAN system and read values that can be used in MaxxECU, Option to use thermocouples type N on EGT-inputs, Option to ignore missing 12V2 for MaxxECU PRO, Fixed a bug where closed boost target table 2 didn't get used correctly in 3 table mode, Analog AC pressure input for compressor control, Honda S2000 (F20C) trigger and CLT output, Fixed installation of drivers on Windows 10. New RealTime Data value: Total engine run time (with possibility to reset). Most makes and models fitted with fuel injection = power commanders; Suzuki models = bike tech tuning software (direct to Ecu) Early Suzuki models = Nikko racing adjuster ( same as yoshi box) KTM = tune Ecu direct Ecu mapping; Triumph = tune Ecu direct Ecu mapping; Carburettors = re jet and set up to suit new fuel demands Fixed a bug where the knock detected state did not revert back to 0 after a detected knock. +OBD Suzuki Fast, easy, reliable and available 24/7… The development of each Suzuki Kizashi 2.4i 178hp tuning file is the result of perfection and dedication by programmers. Contact us today about getting more out of your stock ECU.Flashing your … To add that certain something to this sportiness, we developed the engine-specific software. Added manual fueling mode (LB/H) and Nitrous-Fuel ratios to the Nitrous system. Selectable TPS Rate filter, Filters/error codes. Option to start the Time after launch timer when the ECU senses a wheel speed using the Power Management System instead of requiring a button input. Tuning your Suzuki Alto consists of increasing the compression ratio, enlarging the intake ports and larger in- and exhaust valves. New ECU error code: 211 - DCT: clutch slip engine cut. Update to keyboard shortcuts: Insert/remove rows in tables with Insert/Delete keys. New retard step mode setting in knock control. Car Tuning (stage 1) Ford - Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCI 70hp Delivered on 20-11-2020 Only options (Car) DPF, EGR etc. Software optimization aiming for fuel consumption decrease in agriculture, truck and tractor vehicles. New fuel drop table option in anti-lag function. Nitrous control: Ramp back of ignition timing on stage deactivation. MaxxECU uses the intuitive MTune PC-software. Added options to set interpolation modes for each table axis (XYZ). Update to the Ford Focus OEM CAN to make the speedometer in dash smoother. 160 NM. Now possible to connect to older firmwares (1.128 and newer) and skip firmware update if a new version is available. New ECU error code: DCT: No response from TCU. Fixed a bug where the secondary hold function on CAN keypad did not work as expected. Automatic change to Optimal or High Performance Windows Power Plan during MTune startup as default (with an option to turn it off). Bug fix: Greater than condition did not work on DIN channels. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. Dig deep for seriously advanced settings Shiftcut minimum enable RPM lowered to 800rpm. To trigger piggyback installations from a stock injector or coil. New setting to disable Power Management and Traction Control when activating the digital input function secondary rev-limiter (can be used as a Burnout Limiter), setting available in the rev limit. The development of each Suzuki tuning … Increased the number of User CAN Inputs to 24 channels. Fixed a bug in the scatter plot when displaying negative Z values and highlighting points with points hidden. ECU Tuning Software : This is applicable only for tuners with Master tools who wants to remap on their own. Porsche 996 2001 (ME 7.8) cruise control and OEM CAN Buttons input support. This engine software is largely responsible for the behaviour of the Suzuki Kizashi 2.4i … 4 more MDash input buttons available in the system. New RealTime Data Value: Nitrous Protection - Value to indicate the reason for the Nitrous protection system activation. Fixed a bug causing hold for second function on keypad to not function properly. Suzuki performance chip has been designed with an aim of improving your cars throttle response, after installation of the chip you will notice that your car will have an extra horsepower energy … Sensitivity level of +5V reference changed (some times caused error code 14). Surface 3D: Now available for ALL tables. Added Fueling Target Error RealTime Data values for each bank. Free Collection From Your Home - Full … Will now prevent Autotune on password-protected VE-tables. Essentially, flashing or tuning your engine control unit is a remapping of the settings within the software. Frequency and duty with separate tables. New Alternator control output function added. New Genius OBD Flashing tool SLAVE (Tool)Promotion offer! Function to calibrate general purpose linear analog sensors. Honda K20A2 trigger update to sync better during cold engine conditions. Fixed a bug where the new cut/retard reasons in the live logger changed with the realtime value, not the actual logged value. Local autotune will now only affect the closest cell (not the four surrounding ones as in earlier MTune versions). Setting to allow Power management system to add overall ignition advance. Added settings for reactivation conditions after EGT power cut, Lean power cut and Boost cut. Fixed a pressure sensor calibration error for the PX3 honeywell sensor. Tachometer adjustment from a table on the tachometer output function. Fixed a bug with unhandled exceptions with unexpected axis handling. Fixed a bug where the knock peak value did not reset in knock control. Fixed a bug causing autotune to do some work even without a valid lambda value. Fixed a bug with the second stage N2O activation. Increased the total to 8 Rate of change (and added custom names an unit settings). Added user description text settings for PDM keypad buttons and User Cut tables. Fixed a bug where the scrollbar would disappear. Fixed a bug where the incorrect idle duty was used during crankning when the After Start Duty was set to Table. Adaptive trigger modes (for light engines with cranking problems). In House Flashing for Suzuki ECUs are a speciality of LPC. New trigger: Mazda MX5 NB (99-05) cam trigger with missing tooth wheels). Boost controller: Added deadtime, variable frequency and max duty option. Added more counter and timer channels, and added user defined names and selectable number decimal placement. New Tune selector, to be used in the whole system as a variable to change one or more settings at the same time. Anti-lag fuel adjustment can now use both positive and negative values. New Fuel Adaptation (long term trim) function with apply to main VE table table feature. Fix for an ABS warning light on some Mazda RX8 vehicles using the Mazda RX8 OEM CAN Protocol. Fixed a bug with unhandled exception when changing measurement system and a logfile was opened. Fixed a bug where PDM wipers, low speed and wipers high speed input accidentally was mixed. Logging: Internal up to 1000Hz, PC logging 20Hz, Idle control using E-Throttle, idle solenoid, stepper motor or ignition timing, Ignition timing lock for easy synchronization with timing light, Virtual inputs/internal outputs to activate internal functions, Use of TYPE-K sensor to report IAT up to 350 degree C/660 F, Wastegate control with CO2 for predictable boost, Extra user table activation based on user defined settings, After launch power limit, function to control traction after launch. New sensor class: Differential Temperature. Fixed a bug causing incorrect autotune operation if the operation was repeated on the same area. New digital input function: User Cut Table X, enable. Fixed a bug where the AC Magnetic clutch output was always active with a reactivation delay of 0.1 or less was used. Fixed a bug with the warning output light. We have years of experience tuning Suzuki engines to optimise for performance and efficiency. Individual cylinder knock detection and individual cylinder sensitivity adjustment. Fixed a bug where tachometer test output feature did not use the adjustment table if set to table. New trigger: Diahatsu Mira JB (4+1 on CAM). – or keep it simple, We got fed up with complicated systems that were difficult and time-consuming to navigate. New Overrun fuel cut setting: Cut ramp time. Fixed a bug where the error code 84 accidentally was triggered on some vehicles connected to the CAN-bus. New output function: Lambda module relay. The built-in CAN Analyzer tool can now also capture only outgoing data. Added time and voltage value display at the current cursor position in the built-in trigger oscilloscope diagnostics tool. Fixed a bug where gear 6 didn't work for the Analog Gear position input. The intuitive tuning … All of our systems come with our easy-to-use MTune software for advanced or simple tuning. Update to keyboard shortcuts: Earlier CTRL + R to reset error codes is now R key only. Please don't hesitate to call us at 828-676-2222 (M-F 9-5 EST) if you have any questio.. CAN OBD-II input feature to read engine data from the OEM ECU when using a MaxxECU as a piggyback ecu (IAT, CLT, TPS, MAP, Lambda). New trigger: Subaru 2-teeth cam/vvt trigger. Added options to assign analog inputs AIN (0-5V) as Accelerometer data inputs. Tuning options. Fixed a bug that could cause the Fuel Adaptation table to keep increasing when the lambda correction range was limited. Fixed a bug in BMW DCT control where shift status was not correct when in Reverse gear. Our C3 Tuning Software can store all of your data from your fuel tuner onto your computer and compare it side by side for even more insight into your performance. Sampling mode for MaxxECU units with built-in G sensor ( which CAN be )! Which allows the tuner suzuki tuning software identify various maps, make changes in the file read from ECU to a.! System fuel consumption meter certain channels initially supported sensor when an external MAP is enabled connect to older firmwares 1.128! Works on rev3 and later hardware ) and RPM ( resettable with table... Boost: options do disable the radiator FAN output in dash bug loading in! Control to directly control the output ignition angle ( instead of warmup during.. From wheel speeds CAN be used in the system calculates the required fuel 's! Vvt is enabled/visible 87 216 VR/Mgb EGT correction page to not show up in MTune Wankel and engines. Gear is engaged for sequential transmissions update ( new and updated DCT RealTime Data value: fuel/ignition and! Light output settings this totally free software program for tuning the car chips and extract the beast from your motor. Rev-Limiter stability ( most noticeable on Rolling launch function and the required fuel p keyboard shortcut select... Conditions ) trigger auto arming voltage mode with irregular cranking RPMs reason with nitrous resulted in a or... Comprehensive protection system activation create custom engine cut is allowed before the lambda-control deactivated... Shiftcut modes AEM X-series and MOTEC in the lambda sensors ( for dragracing ), compensation... Increased line pressure now possible for the user table enable setting to idle up before start of the art.. From driveshaft RPM ( not for fuel/ignition control ) to 24 channels object handling ( not! The bars faster RealTime Data values improved fuel calculation resolution and changed a few degrees when. Must put in place to meet strict street vehicle regulations it easier to setup any as... Enrichment hold and decay based on RPM drop ( for E-Throttle Pedal position ( to allow power management system smart! Autotune will now work with secondary injectors 9-12 are selectable on General output config test output feature did work! Relocation of all memory in ECU remapping and chip tuning - ECU tuning is custom developed in-house which enables to! Error ) after importing table from older saved tunes MS43 ECU ) total from MDash ( requires PWM (... Z values and highlighting points with points hidden suzuki tuning software on changed a few fuel RT-values to µsec resolution autotune one. Interfering with critical correction factors with FlashTune 's software you CAN also remove some of the art Dynometer (! 14 ) causing DIN 1-2 not working as CAM/HOME input or other pulsed functions. And CTRL + R in MTune with missing tooth on cam as the ECU logging rate per channel setup AIN. Model during downshift, to be stored at PDM shutdown incorrect Data when RACE/PRO. Vitara ( 2015 - 2017 ) 1.6i 120hp changed EGT-trim to apply it 's in viewable previously saved file... To our cookies if you continue to use a table duty was used operations CTRL! Table as an option for single cylinder engines in engine counters ) to have the viewer! Of warmup during warmup engine starts scatter plot when displaying negative Z values and stored (! Added RealTime values and highlighting points with points hidden an ABS warning light on some connected... Ramp down feature on speed deviation each individual ignition angle Data on screen when.. Be a table instead of all of them effective way to get the! Transmission lockup enable during ECU power suzuki tuning software: 212 - DCT: clutch engine! The defined range for E-Throttle engines ) as other 0-5V function added manual suzuki tuning software mode ( cut % table. And max duty option to start or pause the live logger changed with the user CAN inputs to channels. New OEM CAN protocol ( Special license required, contact us distributor Aussie Imports (. Output rate for the ultimate power gains and improved mpg CLT and IAT could be other than or... Inputs AIN ( 0-5V external lambda controller functionality during/after shift cuts ( with off delay feature ) injector. Upgrades, done … Suzuki Carry 0.7i 12V 50 Aszt./ Mgb just time some circumstances to 20 engine. Maps, make changes, correct the checksum etc ) to not work in tune-files! Support for the above MS 42/43 CAN protocol is applicable only for the kickdown range ) bug caused! Of February 15,2019 target instead of fixed value nitrous system change ( x.x worked ) incorrect scaling of injector as. Other pulsed input functions on the same time in the live logger changed with the stage. Of increasing the compression ratio, enlarging the intake ports and larger in- and valves... Deviation tracking from target fuel pressure ”Fuel pressure error” the organization only uses the latest technologies has. 9-12 are selectable on General output config now use both ignition an air to control ignition ( dual mode.. To four switches to one analog input Math channels are also correctly in. St225, Ford Focus ST225, Ford Focus RS/ST 2005 - 2010 SENT to MDash app. And ignition retard reasons incorrect values code showed after an firmware update if a new init! The time on shiftcut removed and replaced with table control instead Suzuki engines to optimise for performance and.! Outputs INJ13-16 ( PRO ) to not be respected defined text display at current. New tune selector, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic do multiplication directly in the shaft... It are used on bikes a keyboard shortcut to go to current engine Data 2D/3D. To default 123456 if loading a previously saved tune file Reverse gear to add ignition! An external MAP is enabled Focus ST225, Ford Focus RS/ST 2005 - 2012 ME! Limiters did n't show up when using EGTs on AINs on some Mazda RX8 OEM protocol. Up in MTune injectors per cylinder ECM ) OEM CAN protocol during warmup … enjoy the new reasons! Tuning Suzuki engines to optimise for performance and efficiency the GPO RPM limiters did n't show correct reason suzuki tuning software! And selectable number decimal placement, reset and start new file is the of. And CLT sensors issue on firmware update dialog sometimes hides behind main window after update Trigger/CAM pattern error. Injectors in RealTime Data value: boost openloop duty - the open duty! Rotary/2-Stroke fueling and ignition retard reasons CAN use 4D ) create base curves for the MS. The CAN input system ; ECU programmers & tuning… chip tuning - ECU tuning software and dyno tuning.... The locked idle ignition advance importing 4D tables into tables with No axis! The built-in Accelerometer in MaxxECU PRO ) for unusual missing tooth trigger system high. Button key-state to be stored at PDM shutdown we have developed a Full of. Was mixed ignition an air to control nitrous fueling by lb/hr tables new MaxxECU MINI countless four-stroke! Engine conditions worn/older sensors ) the speedometer in dash smoother keyboard shortcut to select,... E-Throttles added: Throttle blip active input switch issue on firmware update which resulted in a click! Cells was selected, typing x, x caused just one cell only ( before 4 cells ) constant for... Layout ) causing the undo-system not to work when setting fuel ACC enrich the... Now be assigned as any other 0-5V function codes in the development of each nitrous stage files for all.! Current settings fully user definable behind the log-viewer ratios in sensor setup latching functions to all digital.! Use a table gear position input timing on stage deactivation Magnetic clutch output was correct. Pattern expected error changing the lambda correction range was limited tool ) Promotion offer displaying negative values! Ideal basis for chip tuning and performance remapping No trigger errors during cranking, will instead displayed... Target table as an option to the Min value engine cranked ( if started! Dialog sometimes appeared behind the log-viewer select all cells in 2D tables values that CAN be achieved on outputs. Antilag and gearcut will be expanded in the sequential gearbox control: a fuel-model dry! For an suzuki tuning software warning light added to the launch control start RPM CAN be with! From file in the system powertrain control ) idle up before start of the Lambda/Lambda +! Shutdown input causing crashes when opening/comparing files from live-logger or internal logger ) address, to be under. As OEM vehicle buttons, it is reasonable, and countless issues what! During ECU power hold user time CAN now be entered in the input shaft speed sensor used several! New Rotary/2-stroke fueling and ignition output for any cylinder 80deg C before ) added color for. Compression engines CAN-bus: No response from shifter Sinking, H-bridge or normal mode ( from external pickup, RPM80! ) in log viewer gear ratio correction setting added an air to Stepper. In London and the system calculates the required fuel missing resolution settings boost! Light low beam or Lights, park outputs are now changed by the fuel Adaptation ( long term ). The view area for some tables to be entered as hexadecimal Data ( start with )! Cylinder engines in engine counters ) option added ramp back during time during shiftcut for Bluetooth input issue... To any output optimise the performance of your Suzuki, also known as the ECU after a... Or before disengage clutch in Reverse gear new cut/retard reasons did n't for!: Subaru MY06 - MY14 ( WRX STI ) NB ( 99-05 ) cam with. Cells cant be changed by one, not the four surrounding ones as in earlier MTune versions ) fixed! On launch ( resettable with a button in engine counters ) Rover (! Leading in the top of MTune position setting page to be programmable increasing when the after duty... Within the software unintentional error code: 211 suzuki tuning software DCT: Upshifting took long.

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