at my wits' end sentence

the phase is: at my wits' end do you can help me please? “ They reel to and fro, and stagger like a drunken man, and are at their wits’ end… The at my wits’ end phrase … Note: although commonly spelled as wit’s end, we also spell end of my wits; therefore, we are going to use wits’ end in this article.. You need the possessive apostrophe in the word wits' because you are at the end of your wits. hello friends, im learning english and i found a word difficult for me, I cant understand what is the meaning. have a nice day Another way of explaining the phrase is to change the word order, so that you can see the underlying structure. ‘Meanwhile, the woman says she and her children are at their wits end.’ ‘And he said he is at his wits end trying to get the problem fixed.’ ‘I ended up taking nearly 4 hours to finish checking my email, and I was nearly at my wits' end.’ ‘But I imagine that both the teacher and the other children were at their wits end… Meaning of Idiom ‘At Your (or one’s) Wit’s End’ To be at your wit’s end means that you are so confused, puzzled, or upset or have encountered so many difficulties that you have no idea what to do. So... "I'm at my wit's end" can be rewritten as, "I'm at the end of my wit." This page is about the idiom at your wits' end. The wit in 'wit's end' was a more general mental facility. Meaning. Langland had described a situation that was perplexing to all-comers, both "those of the flood and the land - shipmen and shepherds" and that, … at your wits’ end definition: so worried, confused, or annoyed that you do not know what to do next: . The phrase originated in the King James Version of the Holy Bible in Psalms 107: 27. I'm at my wits' end… Origins of the at My Wits’ End Saying. Sentences Can End with Prepositions from Phrasal Verbs. Lest you think they’re a special case, we’ll look at some sentences … at your wits' end. If you're at your wits' end, you're upset and frustrated because you've tried everything you can think of to solve a problem, and nothing has worked. So far, my examples of prepositions at the end of sentences have all been questions. 1Ammer, … This … I am at my wits' end to figure a way to make you do your work! To be at your wits' end definition: If you say that you are at your wits ' end , you are emphasizing that you are so worried... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples It’s commonly spelled at wit’s end, but we say at the end of my wits, not at the end of my wit, so at wits’ end makes more sense.. History. Learn more. For example.

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