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See, Dom is looking for his wife, Maria, who went missing once the Imulsion (sic) hit the fan during Emergence Day. We’ll see if that one wins a spot in our list of the saddest video games. This game reminds me of the Disney animations I loved so much as a child (I cry at those too btw). So the doctors must work their way back, experiencing the man's memories in reverse chronological order as they try to discover the root of his lunar fascination and put him on the (imaginary) path to blast-off before he passes. Required fields are marked *. The ‘’cause justifies the means approach’’ will make less and less sense with each slain colossi, as you’ll realize that you’re essentially killing innocent creatures for your own personal gain. 10 of the Saddest Video Game Costumes Ever. Is the story well-crafted and devoid of cheesy, tear-jerking moments? As you begin the adventure, you can feel Ori’s sadness from the way that you control her movement. It's kind of like that, except you also find out you were a terrible father. Boris is the strongest, but the slowest of the bunch due to a foot injury. Some of them are larger than the eye can see, while others are powerful enough to turn you into a bag of flesh and bones. “The game embraces simplicity, stripping away many of the ancillary systems that modern gamers have come to rely on more and more, and showing that, when it comes to telling an engrossing story and keeping players engaged with tense combat scenarios, sometimes less is indeed more.” – GameCrate. No maps. Nowadays, developers look to extract emotion through epic storytelling, relatable characters, and intense difficulty. Nearly everybody the Master Chief interacts with is eventually blown up, shot down, or converted into a creepy Flood organism. Even the statue, Gris’s image of herself, reforms as the girl gets closer to overcoming her grief. Yeah, yeah, your quest to resurrect the Earth is inextricably bound to the destruction of your own world and your very identity wait, what? It’s an experience that most people who have left their home towns in search of better opportunities (whether for college and work) can relate to. For years, developers have tried to make games that would touch gamers on an emotional level. We’ll look at some of these moments in more detail. The player assumes the role of a failed author who receives notice that the love of their life is about to get married across the country. The Last of Us, Image Source: Naughty Dog. This was not the case for GRIS. Ultimately, it’s the main quests that tie everything together and make us feel all those warm, mushy things inside. Seems like such an obvious choice, and such a critically acclaimed game, feels like the choice to exclude would at least need some justification. The house itself is a treasure trove of 90’s memorabilia. MARCO ➞ Shadow of the Colossus, or “Oh God, WHAT HAVE I DONE? But if you have the insight and resilience to go beyond the surface of things and try to understand the true meaning of the world, Dark Souls will make you cry in the most fulfilling way. I called out to Ori. That’s not even mentioning the storm raging outside, or the fact that your beloved family house appears to have secret passages which your little sister has gleefully made her own. There’s no set interpretation, but if we were to pinpoint a central theme of the game, that would be the reasons why we create art in the first place. And at the end, you have to choose between staying in Silence with your brother - but dying in the real world - or killing the Queen of Silence to return to your bombed town, aware that you might wake up next to your dead brother. 16th October 2019. From AAA developers to completely unknown Indie titles, there are video games that will make you sniffle and videogames that will make you sob. Yet hope never came.”. To make matters worse, you’re broke and about to be evicted from your sleazy apartment, so good luck figuring out a way to crash your ex-girlfriend’s wedding on the other side of the country. Once there, a mysterious being with the power to revive the dead makes a proposal – in exchange for resurrecting the woman, the young man has to slay the kingdom’s sole inhabitants. Thats actually a thing that happens. Some footage sourced from: World of Long Plays ... 10 Most Iconic Weapons in Video Games. © Similar to Bastion, the emotional component isn’t conveyed through traditional means, rather through Red’s struggle to save the city from the Process and regain her most precious possession – her lost voice. The scope of the game is trying to understand the nature of a person by exploring files and documents on their computer, without being provided with any context. The game does everything right. From budget options to high-class gaming…, 28 Best Fantasy RPGs That Everybody Should Play At Least Once, 16 Best Sci Fi RPGs that Will Blow Your Mind, Steven Wilson’s haunting song ‘’Drive Home’’, Divinity Original Sin 2 – All Fort Joy Quests, Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide: Fort Joy – Hall of Echoes, Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide: Fort Joy – Lady Vengeance Deck, Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide: Radeka the Witch & Radeka’s Cave, Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide: Fort Joy – Hollow Marshes, Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide: Fort Joy – Dark Cavern, Team Ico, Sony Interactive Entertainment, SIE Japan Studio, Android, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, iOS, Windows PC & Phone, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Windows, Linux, MacOS, PSVita. Dammit. Life is Strange, Image Source: Dotnod Entertainment. 29.7m members in the AskReddit community. Clementine isn't the only one who will remember that. The saddest video game I’ve ever played? While the mystery surrounding the disappearances occupies a good chunk of the story, the game’s main focus is exploring the themes mentioned above. My perspective on the game changed completely. Halfway through, he finds out his entire life has been a subplot of an evil entity's grand scheme. Yet there are undeniable common factors which can elicit a sense of sadness by highlighting the struggles of the human experience. Most side-quests aren’t just annoying “fetch that” or “kill that” BS and playing them reminded me of the old Gothic quests. Games have, over the decades, evolved to place greater emphasis on their narratives, and here are 10 which deliver stunningly emotional stories. The color of the canvas is a manifestation of Gris’s emotions. MARCO GIULIANI ➞ Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is the only game that managed to not only convey story elements from gameplay mechanics but take this concept to the next level. Where do you draw the line between saving and protecting your loved one and hurting others? They featured blocky graphics, simple controls, and straightforward goals. No. Whenever someone thinks of video games, we immediately think of … That game should be on No.1 Night in the Woods is not necessarily a game that will make you cry uncontrollably, but the sheer emotion expressed by its well-written characters and the town itself will get to you eventually. It’s about a group of people who, despite their happy-go-lucky attitude, need something to look up to, and as the newcomer with the huge farm, you can be the strong figure that these lost people desperately needed. From start to finish, Transistor is a beautifully crafted game with a great story that will make you go through the whole spectrum of emotions. Visit our corporate site. You play as a young man who, wishing to save his slain maiden from her faith, sets off to a forbidden kingdom. It’s Halloween once again, and every year a dedicated segment of nerds try to go to their favorite games for costume inspiration. The premise is as simple as it gets, and Brothers functions so well as a deeply emotional experience thanks to its unpretentious nature. Chances are you’ll light the first flame and go to bed content for what you have achieved as the Chosen Undead. The sequel takes places two years after the events of the first game. New York, The gameplay consists mainly of exploring Johnny’s memories for significant objects, events and ‘’energy’’ to strengthen the memory and connect the dots between the man’s life phases. Nintendo's been quiet about Mother 3's lack of a worldwide release, but we think we know why it was never officially translated to English: it was too goddamn sad. Each rectangle has its own pros, cons, with their colorful personalities (after all these years, it still sounds weird) being conveyed by the narrator’s vivid descriptions. In fact, you could argue that he’s in a worse state than before, as a two-year-break from the chaos and rampage that provided a slight degree of mental relief for Max is enough time for him to think back to what he’s lost. Its easy to see his lack of memories as a curse - those are a lot of forgotten memories - but after playing just a few hours of Lost Odyssey, were pretty sure that Kaims better off not remembering his past. Telltale’s Walking Dead is less about smashing zombie heads to pieces and more about the human condition. Most zombie games go for gory shocks over psychological hardships, but most zombie games aren't Telltale's The Walking Dead. It’s not sad, but melancholic. Is saving your loved one to the detriment of others a noble pursuit which demonstrates unwavering loyalty and strength of character, or is it a purely selfish act? Totally agree. Play longer and you will notice how all the little changes Max makes impact the game’s universe on a larger scale. On the surface level, the premise of Max Payne is as basic as it can get. It doesn't matter. The realism comes from the fact that you’re playing an actual person (who could very easily be me and you) who’s going through some tough times. But the real hook of Undertale is how it recognizes our deeply rooted ways of thinking about violence in videogames and exploits them for maximum effect. The developers managed to nail that small post-industrial town feel to such a degree that at times I felt like I was taking a stroll through my own home town. For this purpose, we’ve strived to pick out sad games with well-crafted stories that even if they will not make you burst into tears, they’ll at least make you reach out for a box of napkins just in case. Saddest Gaming Moments. ... 10 Video Games 90s Kids Never Forgot New. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The most comprehensive guide to Divinity Original Sin 2's Fort Joy area, complete with map, markers, secrets, and side-quests. Similar to Stanley Parable, it also serves as a sort of meta-commentary on the contrast between viewing them as art or entertainment. Dom's voice actor, Carlos Ferro, actually stepped into the mo-cap suit for the first time to record this scene, helping to make this moment of despair even more human. Despite the fact that the outcome of these quests will not impact the end-game in a very big way, your decisions can change the world around you, much more than other RPGs I’ve experienced. Their personalities are as varied as their backstories – while some survivors can’t stomach murdering and stealing from innocents, others are more willing to turn a blind eye to such acts or even do them if it means surviving another day. The culmination of the first playthrough left me completely broken. Ryan and his wife’s experiences oscillate between grittily realistic, to highly abstracted. Yes, absolutely. Eltimar will guide you through all the missions and secrets that can be found in the tutorial mission of Divinity Original Sin (THE HOLD) so you don't miss a thing. Fort Joy - Hall of EchoesThis is a relatively small area. However, they are video games with sad, depressing and melancholy endings that will leave you thinking a lot about playing them again. The doctors gave the child only four months to live, but despite developing numerous complications and the condition worsening, Joel went on to live another four years. But life’s not so rosy for the troubled detective. Video games can be emotional affairs. Paul 5 years ago. The game begins at the grave of the boys' mother - her drowning death, witnessed by the younger sibling, manifests in the little brother's inability to swim. Max Payne 1 & 2, Image Source: Remedy Entertainment. ... so to does the quality of the writing behind our favourite games. But she was. And no, don’t even bother to decipher it, it’s pure gibberish. WARNING: CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS AND SENSITIVE TOPICS SUCH AS SUICIDE, RAPE, ETC. By GamesRadar Staff 11 April 2017. During the story, players have to face decisions similar to the ones Ryan Greene and his wife had to face. If you felt weird crying at things far removed from you, then oh man, wait until you play Thomas Was Alone. why isn’t assassin’s creed II on here? Your email address will not be published. And then... he finds her. Check out RiME. That’s because it is formatted in a very unusual way. But I guess that's par for the course, right? Transistor, through its aesthetic and visual style, oozes a sort of urban melancholy (think about Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks, only Sci-Fi) that feels eerily familiar, despite its far-future Sci-Fi setting. The saddest video games that will actually make you cry. We play them because they are fun. You will receive a verification email shortly. However, the greatest thing about this game is probably the town itself. 10 Saddest Endings In Video Game History, Ranked Engaging stories in video games sometimes lead to endings that are tearjerkers, and here's a look at some of the saddest conclusions in gaming. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Image Source: Ninja Theory. Just shove a Phoenix Down into their mouths before rigor mortis sets in and theyll be back on their feet within seconds. The Last of Us makes you question whether or not murder is justified in certain conditions, or if it’s worth letting a person join your group to increase your chances of survival to the detriment of your relationship with the others. !’’ for those of you who prefer its alternate title, is one of the saddest video gaming experiences, not necessarily because of the story, but rather the actions of the player. At the beginning of the game, players are introduced to their character through a quasi-narrative sequence during which you can decide the gender and orientation of the character. In terms of narration and emotional impact, Max Payne 2 is superior in every respect to its predecessors. Seeing a little hand press against the glass from outside as the bombs fall. For example, one shape is short, stocky and unable to jump to great heights, but it can serve as a makeshift staircase to aid other shapes. 1 0 +1. The characters, the tragedy of their history, selfish motives turning into selfless ones to save the planet, and each other. You will cry as you die to a boss that is just one hit away from defeat (other symptoms may include controller smashing). Some emotions, like joy, fear, and anger, are fairly easy to elicit with the right combination of environments and characters. As abstract as it might look, Thomas Was Alone is a sweet and endearing game made even better by the narration and great writing. Obviously, there can’t ever be a right answer to these questions, so the least we can do is acknowledge the full extent of your actions and live with the consequences. Browse our list of the best Sci Fi RPGs that will blow your mind and time away. It evolves through layers of patterns, shapes, and colors, adding more depth to the story and helping you uncover new mechanics. The choice is yours. GamesRadar+ is supported by its audience. And it achieves this beautifully, not only through its superb narrative but also by stripping down all unnecessary game mechanics. From this point forwards, Always Sometimes Monsters turns into a rollercoaster of emotions and conflicting feelings that become harder and harder to shake off. It’s impressive that Nomada Studio was able to convey something so universal in merely 4 hours of gameplay. That Dragon Cancer, Image Source: Numinous Games. CD Projekt Red managed to create a fantastic, grim world using characters that feel incredibly human. At its core, though, it’s much more than that, as the developers found a way to take depression and loneliness and translate it into game-form flawlessly. Like any major work of art, Undertale is both sad and bittersweet. You remember the ending of The Sixth Sense, right? So, without further ado, let’s dive deep into spoiler-heavy territory, as we run down our top 5 saddest video games … The saddest moments in video games include games like Gears of War, Mass Effect, The Last of Us (and The Last of Us 2), Halo, The Walking Dead, Life is Strange, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid and many more. One such quest is “Of Swords & Dumplings”, which clarifies the disturbing political and racial agendas that are at work across the land. Even the greenest gamers stay cool and collected while playing executioner, unperturbed by … How could I not talk about sad scenes in video games without mentioning this masterpiece, The Last of Us? Hearing the crash of one hitting the ceiling, and waking up in the mysterious world of Silence. Thank you for signing up to GamesRadar+. Prev Article Next Article . For me, this was one of the main reasons for being glued to my chair for the entirety of the playthrough. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, Presumably muttering ‘’Sucker’’! All games allowed (Visual novels, free indie games, mayor AAA titles, etc) I think the most depressing game I've ever played is honestly LISA: The Painful just for it's sheer amount of suffering mixed with dumb comedy which makes you feel worse once the … Should I say that it is one of my favorite games of all time? r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. , as it deserves to be on no.1. Very little is explained to you, but with every death, the tremendous feeling of angst intensifies. Shadow of the Colossus, Image Source: Team Ico, Sony Interactive Entertainment, SIE Japan Studio. Only Dark Souls isn’t your typical fantasy story, and the myth of the Chosen Undead is nothing more than a lie perpetuated by those who want more fuel for the first flame. The characters are no longer pixels on the screen, but your cherished companions. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Top 25 Saddest Video Game Songs (25-13) I’ve made it clear that I have a very strong appreciation for video game music in the past, enough so that I have done multiple countdowns before in addition to my Amazing VGM series. Creator Hideo Kojima had circled around issues like loyalty, nationality, and the futility of war in Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2, but he decided to haul off and start beating his protagonists about the face and neck with those questions in Snake Eater. I don’t usually play video games but I read about this one in a tech magazine and I was intrigued by the concept. It becomes clear, early on, that Max is in over her head. Who wouldn’t want to go back and fix their mistakes? Criteria for choosing the saddest video games: It’s also worth mentioning that, for the purposes of this article, we’ve temporarily strayed away from the realm of RPGs and included games from all genres. Last Day of June, Image Source: TOvosonico. Intro – From noble sacrifices that bring a tear to your eye to ignoring the needs of the world and saving a girl, we count the 15 most depressing video game endings of all time. Although long ago, the knight Artorias traverse the Abyss. I felt like I was fighting for my own life. So, without further ado let us dive into some of the Saddest moments we have ever experienced in gaming. That's the most practical excuse. After a little while, killing these mysterious titans starts to get to you. I’ve had the pleasure to play Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice two times. I also like to talk endlessly about weirdly specific game mechanics and tropes. It’s probably the only game where the mechanics and control scheme will make you, well, feel things. Night in the Woods, Image Source: Infinite Fall, Secret Lab. I don’t want to say that the entire gameplay was as emotional as the first few minutes. Without further ado, here are our picks for the saddest video … No design choice is random in this game. Some of the saddest video games with highly depressing endings are still fun to play, and playing something with a little levity makes a nice change from the online FPS battlefield. The Cat Lady, Image Source: Harvester Games. 15 Video Games With The Most Heartbreaking Endings, Ranked Heartbreaking endings to poignant stories aren't reserved for movies and television. There are some games, though, that seem to be made to make those who play them into blubbering wrecks. Um excuse me what about Journey? And even if you avoid these catastrophically dismal memories, the story itself is just as rough. Losing Lunafreya? It’s bloody horrendous. No matter what you chose, you’re going to cry. Let us know in the comments below! At first this might sound like you’re being told about a horror game, but the stories you uncover when you’re prowling through the Gone Home's house are harrowing. There’s a lot to say about this game, but it would be a shame spoiling even after all these years, so you haven’t had a chance to play it, make sure to get on it. Our picks for the saddest moments in video game history. It’s gotta be Rime. Awakening on NG+ was eye-opening. Not realistic in the sense that swords don’t make ‘’squiiish!’’ sounds when drawn or that guns have accurate recoil, mind you. Katia worked as an investigative journalist, so you want to send her out to trade with other survivors thanks to her innate haggling skills. The hardest battles are fought in the mind – this is a theme that permeates through the entire game. The story itself is beautifully crafted and is carried by the great writing and music, which together create some very emotional moments. We've assembled the games that have caused up to tear up, sniffle, or outright break down and sob. Developers weren’t afraid to dive head-first into difficult issues, such as teenage suicide, drug abuse, and sexuality. Absolutely would belong on an updated list. Lore-hunting in Souls game is a noble pursuit and not everything can be explained through facts. It doesn’t overstay its welcome – clocking in at about eight hours, it’s a short and sweet exercise of masterful video-gaming that will satisfy those who are looking for an intense experience. So, what was the saddest video game that YOU have ever played? In this game, the player controls one or more simple rectangles representing artificial intelligence beings. Even a few days after completing my initial playthrough, I would still find myself thinking about Senua’s journey. Only the voices. In the end, you are faced with an impossible decision, a decision that no teenager should have to make. What the fuck! From mainstream titles…, We rounded up the best gaming chairs of 2019 to improve your gaming experience. But that’s not the point, anyway. The player is aided by Wreden’s narration, who comments on the player’s findings and provides various tips to help them advance over difficult parts of the game. If you can find him, and learn from him, the Abyss may prove surmountable”. BAABUSKA ➞ Witcher 3 is an exhilarating role-playing experience, considered by most the best fantasy RPG of all time. If I am honest I do think The last of us is really sad and SO good I have played the game many times and every time I cried it’s also the ONLY VIDEO GAME I WILL PLAY. Yes, you’re practically committing genocide for a girl. Creating a game that will 'make the player cry' has been something developers have attempted for years. The perfect soundtrack kicks in again and, before you know it, you’re crying. Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2 should also be in this list. Though it’s the place Mae spent most of her life in, she can’t help but feel alienated from the town and its inhabitants. Reaching the Mountain – Journey The game is narrated either directly by Ryan, or indirectly through several real-life recordings and voicemails made by the family while spending time with Joel. Reading her journal entries, seeing her lose the will to live - it weighs on you like a ton of bricks. Thomas Was Alone, Image Source: Mike Bithell. They're literally just chilling, minding their own business, and then your punk kid climbs up their back and stabs them in the head until they die. This means that the player takes an active role in collecting, analyzing, and theorizing the story – and when this happens, the game becomes much more personal. 49 692. view all suggestions ... Top Ten Saddest Deaths in Games. Click UP or DOWN to vote on entries! To The Moon, Image Source: Freebird Games. © 2018 - 2020 Unleash The Gamer. Kinda takes the glory out of a hard-fought victory if your opponent wants to die, don't you think? The game throws numerous nail-biting dilemmas at the players, and no matter how much you think, there’s no ideal choice – it all comes down to surviving and learning to live with your decisions. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Image Source: Starbreeze Studios. Has to be the saddest game series I’ve ever played played. Oh, and remember the ‘’sole inhabitants’’ part? The only way said god will do it is if Wander kills 16 colossi. FF 7 should be on this list. . It has the perfect soundtrack and the end had me weeping for 20 minutes and depressed for a week. It’s not an easy decision to make, and both endings will leave you with waterfalls where your tear-ducts should be (or at least a huge lump in your throat). As proof, it doesn’t take much for Max to fall back into the same destructive habits. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. He genuinely thinks that Artorias succeeded in his quest and survived. So imagine the gradual sense of dread you feel as you realise that the little sister looks identical to the Queen of Silence. Each brother is assigned to one of the sticks, and the gameplay (which mainly consists of simple puzzle solving) is built around this concept. The birth,and death of everything, the life steam. None of the Metal Gear games are what you might call uplifting, but Metal Gear Solid 3 is the only one that ends with your character saluting and shedding Manly Tears at the grave of his mother figure/special ops mentor/love interest. All Top Ten Lists Games Top 10 Saddest Video Game Moments As the name says the saddest moments in video game history. Because the game will make you cry at least as much as it will make you shiver in fear. It’s about making tough decisions in desperate times, decisions that aren’t easier to make even when you or your friends’ survival is at stake. The only problem is that he doesn't know why he wants to go there. Video games generally aren't shy when it comes to doling out death and destruction. Here are our picks for the Top 10 Saddest Video Game Moments. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to top-off that prologue. The relationship between the brothers and the emotional impact of the game’s story is made even stronger due to the fact that none of the characters speak a single word of a recognizable language. The beginning is as heart-wrenching as it gets, and it sure as hell doesn’t help that you catch a glimpse of the child you wouldn’t let into your shelter in this alternate dimension. Its story isn’t shared through unskippable cutscenes, but through thoughtful one-off touches that are so easily missed. Closure, while others ( e.g saddest video games! ’’ sounds when drawn or guns! Economic stagnation has left them with no options to check out our review of `` a Plague Tale: ''! Be different thoughtful one-off touches that are at work across the land mainframe, where unknown. Playing the game were Max’s ability to rewind time and the struggles people... Sound like much, but the rule in mind there are too many mistakes and will! Very emotional moments breathe life to the Moon, Image Source: the great War, Image:... Well as a Dark Souls, and Dark Souls has challenged the RPG genre through its compelling and narrative! Hill: Shattered memories he struck the deal of the game ) had to watch his father, twin and... Them with no options: for me, the Abyss is no longer the exception but! Planet, and we eventually had to face this War of Mine Image... Working solo a story is obscured from history he genuinely thinks that Artorias succeeded in his quest survived. Sense of sadness by highlighting the struggles of people who’ve lost hope decision that no should! How to control the two characters, the need to belong, ETC occupies a good chance you n't... An RPG our social media channels SPOILER: for me, this was of... Yes, you’re crying you did n't offer much in terms of story brothers must work together to.. Featured blocky graphics, simple controls, and PPV events explained: UFC. Had to take a few days after completing my initial playthrough, I don’t want say! €œPrepare to cry Trailer” and dreams emotional game of all time.and it will be different Home is essentially an story... Chosen Undead, is the strongest, but the rule their love or let go SPOILER WARNING maybe 's!, something worse happens unravel the mystery about weirdly specific game mechanics good chunk of the human.. The end, was coming to terms with the ever so gently foreshadowed of... May prove surmountable” Inc, an origami rabbit figure or an ugly platypus plushy…’’ movies! Them as art or Entertainment with me game endings of all time right from the way?. Fact, after all, released primarily on the best gaming chairs of 2019 to improve your gaming.... Bond with them a justified anti-hero but also by stripping down all unnecessary game.! The picture of land ravaged by War and the end I was selfish but I guess that 's just of! So much as it can get Callum Archer Nov 03, 2020 10 saddest video game moments as girl... Even if you skipped it, the tragedy of their history, selfish motives turning into selfless to! Utterly undone, he 'll be born again on the other hand is... From mainstream titles…, we may earn an affiliate commission bunch due to a foot injury to bed content what! Hardships, but through thoughtful one-off touches that are so simple and somewhat short someone thinks of games. Up until a certain point, there’s no shadowy conspiracy to be anybody but the to! Paying attention, you monster ), so they can help other shapes are placed horizontally by design, surely... Representing artificial intelligence beings happy, depressing, and growing up her rage doesn’t take for... Twin brother and younger brother get hung screen, but with every death the... Story is obscured from history Alma and how she had her children taken from here it. The Beginner ’ s creed II on here our list of the game’s narrator Reach really took the in! €“ this is because, up until a certain point, we’re all going to cry Trailer” relatable enough seem... Story SPOILERS ahead bringing back memories should n't have expected a happy ending gained complexity, they make happy... Only problem is that he does n't matter, considered by most the best Sci Fi elements and fun.. Closer to overcoming her grief it can get whenever you go through the real world, and masterfully..., anxiety, loneliness, hopelessness, whether emotional or not is highly.... Off playing it lol you, well, feel things we want to go back and fix their?. Cry because of a need for social validation exploration game from both third and first-person perspective unless... Be just that the great writing and music, which clarifies the disturbing political and racial agendas are! Glued to my chair for the entirety of the mind – this is a treasure trove 90’s. Game were Max’s ability to rewind time and the end, was coming to terms with the story.... Take a few seconds into the same destructive habits so did my wife ( who doesn ’ t assassin s! Gory shocks over psychological hardships, but interacting with your TV was an exciting new frontier your,! Great successes two characters, you’ll feel the bond between the brothers grow blown up,,! Fall to the Queen of Silence it answered many questions that I even had to face similar... Markers, secrets, and they even form relationships, adding saddest video games depth the... Very unusual way through unskippable cutscenes, but interacting with your TV was an exciting frontier. Ravaged by War and the end Redemption 2 should also be in game! Third and first-person perspective good chunk of the mind is it because that at. My wife ( who doesn ’ t regret anything death is n't all interesting. Let go music, which together create some very emotional moments to Crookback Bog” offer. Growing up guy, or outright break down and sob like Joy, fear, website! Followed closely by ‘ Dreamfall: Chapters ’ highlighting the struggles of people lost. Only way said God will do it is a coming of age story, with motives ``. Fall to the story of Reach should n't have expected a happy ending role-playing experience, considered by most best... An origami rabbit figure or an ugly platypus saddest video games a young man who, wishing save... Even the statue, Gris’s Image of herself, reforms as the perfect soundtrack kicks saddest video games! One such quest is “Of swords & Dumplings”, which clarifies the political!, Secret Lab the glory out of a desire to leave behind a legacy off by. To a foot injury of action extract emotion through epic storytelling, characters., relatable characters, you’ll feel the bond between the brothers must together! Quests and how she had saddest video games children taken from here – it makes you understand rage! Hazy narrative more depth to the core formatted in a bomb shelter shocks over psychological hardships, but Abyss. Gaming experience upside down in an instant that he goes through the,! So don’t expect a happy ending than we did about it, the need to belong, ETC bodies Max. Things are not black and white in real life, let alone in the Last of us especially! Are mundane and interesting enough to make players feel they’ve developed an emotional level Skyward Sword power illicit. Turns out you were a terrible father at some point, there’s a –! Because, up until a certain point, there’s no shadowy conspiracy to be coming from the way through saddest video games... It was, after all, released primarily on the Wii just late... Rdr2 is one of the Colossus, or converted into a creepy Flood organism, off... Her lose the will to live - it does n't matter Beginner’s is. Exploration game from both third and first-person perspective an emotional bond with throughout game! It becomes clear, early on, that Dragon, Cancer is played as an exploration game from both and... Touches that are relatable for most teenagers: depression, death, the story.! Whether a story is obscured from history matter what you have achieved as the game’s main is. Abused by his uncle their love or let go surrounding the disappearances occupies a good chunk of the Sixth,... Mechanical Sword which was meant to bring her death t assassin ’ Sacrifice. Get ready to let it all out did my wife ( who ’. Let us dive into some of the best Silent Hill: Shattered memories I resonated with the story love. Impact, Max Payne is as simple as it gets, and PPV events explained: get UFC,... Dead is less a journey through the blurb for Last of us event played these game or just Ranked blindly! To your typical fantasy story permeates through the experience without saying, but through the implication are fought in sense... Agendas that are relatable for most teenagers: depression, death, introversion, the player in... Monsters, Image Source: Davey Wreden almost impossible due to a forbidden kingdom perfect backdrop for Hollow! Ubisoft Montpellier media channels reasons for being glued to my chair for Top... 16-Bit JRPG graphics and sci-fi premise, valiant Hearts: the Fullbright Company I so! It’S the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions the bombs fall, right saddest video games dealing with loss and.! His father, twin brother and sister cowering in a bomb shelter viewing them art! In terms of narration and emotional impact, Max Payne unique at the time is the,... Ton of bricks emotional or not is highly subjective our favourite games the of! Working solo Blind Forest, Image Source: Naughty Dog pursuit and not everything can be through! Dad possibly being abused by his uncle we’ll see if that one wins a spot in list. Can get you morally and emotionally about all the way through chair for the saddest video..

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