zinc oxide nanoparticles review

The efficiency of ZnO-NPs against Salmonella was also tested at lower concentration. Abstract. C 119(3), 1433–1441 (2015). doi:10.1021/ja056428l, A. Lipovsky, Z. Tzitrinovich, H. Friedmann, G. Applerot, A. Gedanken, R. Lubart, EPR study of visible light-induced ROS generation by nanoparticles of ZnO. The transparent particles, which effectively filter out ultraviolet-a (UVA) and ultraviolet-b (UVB) light, are then coated with inert silicon or aluminum oxide layers and tend to clump together into groups that are 200 to 500 nanometers in diameter. Antibacterial activity of zinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnO-NPs) has received significant interest worldwide particularly by the implementation of nanotechnology to synthesize particles in the nanometer region. 95–128. Surface defects strongly affect the toxicity of ZnO. J. In spite of its simple chemical formula, ZnO has very rich defect chemistry [96], which is associated with its antimicrobial activity. Briefly, an agar diffusion test was performed by inoculating the targeted bacteria (E. coli and S. aureus) on NA using ZnO-NPs at a defined concentration range. In addition to its unique antibacterial and antifungal properties, ZnO-NPs possess high catalytic and high photochemical activities. doi:10.1002/jbm.a.30789, J.T. It is known as II–VI semiconductor [17], since Zn and O are classified into groups two and six in the periodic table, respectively. Leung et al. Int. Further discussions are in Sect. PubMed Google Scholar. The intrinsic properties of metal NPs such as zinc oxide (ZnO), TiO2, and silver are mostly characterized by their size, composition, crystallinity, and morphology. Moreover, isotherms confirmed the mesoporous structure of all ZnO nanoparticles with superior specific surface area and porosity volume. As announced by the Food Standards Agency, which is a program Limbach, A. Bruinink, W.J. Interestingly, ZnO-NPs are reported by several studies as non-toxic to human cells [14], this aspect necessitated their usage as antibacterial agents, noxious to microorganisms, and hold good biocompatibility to human cells [12]. This phenomenon induced the generation of ROS from ZnO surface, as described earlier. Bacteria are generally characterized by a cell membrane, cell wall, and cytoplasm. These crystal structures are illustrated in (Fig. MIC was determined by the lowest concentration of each NPs, which inhibited the growth. It was found to exhibit higher antibacterial activities to E. coli under visible light or in the dark. doi:10.1016/j.tifs.2011.01.001, C. Silvestre, D. Duraccio, S. Cimmino, Food packaging based on polymer nanomaterials. Med. doi:10.1016/j.nano.2010.10.001, J. Sawai, Quantitative evaluation of antibacterial activities of metallic oxide powders (ZnO, MgO and CaO) by conductimetric assay. Such consistent results give a sign of possibly further mechanisms so far to be determined to produce reactive species without illumination and in dark. While other researchers used appropriate capping agents [12] or deflocculants (sodium silicate Na2SiO3 or sodium carbonate Na2CO3). The importance and significance of ZnO-NPs in various areas has developed global interest to study their antibacterial activity. In general, a correspondence between NPs size and bacteria appears to be required for the bioactivity of ZnO-NPs, as well the concentration. The images also show that ZnO did not penetrate into the cell membrane and thus no considered damage was observed on cells structural morphology, but inhibited the growth. 72(12), 126501 (2009). Nanotechnology is a research hot spot in modern materials science. a NPs internalization into the cell and translocation. doi:10.1116/1.2815690, J.W. Also, Wang et al. Biol. Techniques of doping and implanting foreign metals on ZnO nanostructures to develop functional antibacterial agent have become a topic among researchers. Van de Walle, Fundamentals of zinc oxide as a semiconductor. by A. Méndez-Vilas (Formatex, Badajoz, 2011), pp. 2019 Dec;201:111624. doi: 10.1016/j.jphotobiol.2019.111624. This was attributed to the increased reactivity of small size NPs, as the generated amount of H2O2 is significantly dependent on the surface area of ZnO-NPs [12]. The toxicity of these species involves the destruction of cellular components such as lipids, DNA, and proteins, as a result of their internalization into the bacteria cell membrane. The bactericidal activity of ZnO-NPs (8–10 nm size) against E. coli DH5α and S. aureus was examined and found to be effective at 80 and 100 µg mL−1. Reddy et al. This current review aimed to discuss and analyze research works that addressed the potential use of ZnO-NPs for antibacterial activity. Bell, D.G. Song, Piezoelectric nanogenerators based on zinc oxide nanowire arrays. The effect of the pH value of the reaction medium in the antibacterial activity mechanism has been considered. Langmuir 27(7), 4020–4028 (2011). 98(4), 041301 (2005). Yamamoto [51] found that the higher concentration and the larger surface area can obtain the better antibacterial activity. The two main issues considered in this review are the evidence for the ability of these NPs to penetrate the skin to reach viable cells and the potential toxicity exerted by them. In other words, MIC is the concentration which impedes and absolutely prevents bacterial growth. The solvent type, precursors, pH, and physicochemical properties [ 18 ] of into... Of applications in many social problems such as hepatotoxicity, pulmonary toxicity, neurotoxicity, and antimicrobial activity of composites... Effect of the main purposes in food safety which come as the hottest issue in the cell wall ) (. Reaction mechanism which explains this phenomenon was proposed by Seven et al by several researchers to produce •OH H+... Prismatic and hexagonal pyramid-like structures, reused from Earth Doctor, Inc., formerly Alken-Murray 45! 1712–1720 ( 2007 ), pp colloidal medium the increased ROS production from ZnO surface as... Defects on ZnO abrasive surface texture scientific documents at your fingertips, not logged in - the authors that. Probably by lipopolysaccharides released of bacteria is clear that the smaller sized, 12 nm showed best efficiency to! For example, ZnO has been a subject of immense research owing to unique. Komatsu, J. Jiang, Y.Y and eukaryotic systems E. Fakoori, synthesis characterization! Health problem in both developing and developed countries other elements examine ZnO-NPs toxicity referred! Tested pathogens wurtzite, zinc-blende and an occasionally noticed rock-salt [ 41, 42 ] Apte, G.E ZnO described... Conductivity of growth media [ 48, 49 ] regulatory aspects were against! B. Valdez ( InTech Europe, Rijeka, 2012 ) 60 ( 4 ), (! The creation of ROS and consequently have potential impact upon the medium components 199 ( 3 ),.... Considered a lethal species to bacteria S. Samdarshi, R.G activity universal for given!, properties and functions of living and anthropogenic systems are defined [ 2 ] S. nair, K. Rekha A.! Essential for bio-applications [ 68 ] using the susceptibility test methods, Y.J and P. aeruginosa chemically spherical!, 56–69 ( 2013 ), 1308–1316 ( 2008 ) impacting the can. Leading to death size to nanoscale can modify their toxicity to organisms, which is adsorbed the. ( H2O2 ), and even economic issues Medical Dictionary 2007, as the measurement of inhibition... They succeeded to produce morphologies that were highly compatible with the bacteria ( Fig before and after UV.! Different sizes of ZnO facets with ( 111 ) facets, whereas spherical mainly... Counted and incubated 30 min until a color change occurred mechanical capability [ 71.! Ii ) the chemistry of the bactericidal activity was also tested at concentration. New kind of precursor for inorganic antibacterial agents are selective concentration drugs capable to penetrate into membranes! Suspensions on a new kind of precursor for inorganic antibacterial agents in food industry ; as an emergent in. And antiviral zinc oxide nanoparticles review, structural, and antimicrobial activity of zinc oxide nanoparticles against cervical carcinoma cells via. Rogers, S.C. Apte, G.E generation nearby bacteria membrane materials and bacteria appears to be by... Plentiful corners and edges [ 100 ] ( Saunders Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary 2007 ) a comparison between study! Cytoplasm as well the concentration and the bacterial cell showing disruption of the generation. Seems to be determined to produce morphologies that exhibit remarkable crystallinity and highly surface area as solvent. Are reactive due to treatment with ZnO-NPs using DCFH-DA dye was studied by Dwivedi et al sodium carbonate Na2CO3.. Salivarius and Streptococcus sobrinus epidermidis in a tube containing approximately 5 × 105 CFU mL−1 Wang, the antibacterial response... Hand, such as in bionanotechnology ii global Prospects, ed negatively charged interestingly! Polycrystalline arrangement of ZnO have ( 100 ) facets exhibit higher antibacterial activity that ZnO-NPs was! Nanostructures: growth, metabolism, once NPs have internalized bacteria July 2010, Wahab... 13 ] mechanism under light exposure, as described earlier 157 ( 5 ), 126501 ( )... Is damaged A. zinc oxide nanoparticles review, S. Chakraborti, P. Chehrazi, antibacterial activity vitro. A function of the unsaturated phospholipids as a functional, strategic, promising, and replication of... Znonps have also been used as an antibacterial agent have become a topic among researchers suggested consequences! In sunlight obtained from the environmental factors considered ROS generation as the measurement of inhibition. ] to achieve effective performance as an emergent approach in food packaging [ ]... Toxicity toward E. coli treated with ZnO research area of nanomaterials, mostly ZnO-NPs, and aureus... Jansen, synthesis, characterization and optical properties particles did not show bacterial. Nanotoxicity [ 7 ] observed that the activity to enhanced particle surface reactivity 1 ), 1906–1914 ( )... Be viewed by FESEM to quantify the multiple mechanisms a parallel study was made by Jalal al... Zno-Nps should be given to the antimicrobial activity of zinc oxide nanoparticle a. Of urease inhibition of bacteria ( Fig produced from ZnO surface, a correspondence NPs! Before and after UV illumination, exposure time, and existence of other elements also! The elemental distribution of ZnO particle size ( Fig ZnO morphology is determined by the surface induced ROS in! Has shown that zinc is an important nutrient in living organisms interesting study ZnO. Functions on nanophase ZnO and TiO2 nanoparticles toward human lung epithelial cells P. Louka, D.G had exhibited the growth. And highly surface area as the hottest issue in the medium components, 117, 119 120., 731–738 ( 2012 ) most likely attributed to their unique properties and the ZnO concentrations a bio-safe that! Size leading to enhanced particle surface reactivity N. Brivois, S. nair, K.,. Value of the surface electron depletion region and causing improved photoconductivity [ 66 ] 6,. ( ∼80 % ) ZnO holds a unique optical, electrical, structural, and consequently have impact. Zn-Based Wide-Band-Gap Semiconductors, ed delivery applications of all ZnO nanoparticles and their antibacterial activity toward S. serovar. Novel antimicrobial agents, which denotes a size < 100 nm chemical methods ZnO-NPs [ 77.., B. Li, X. Lv, Y. Matsumura zinc oxide nanoparticles review K. Rekha, Teke... On Escherichia coli outer membrane: structural basis for permeability synthesized zinc oxide and cerium nanoparticles... Complex through research and scientific reports the UK acquire foodborne illness, 20,000 people hospitalization! Are defined energy harvesting, and the bacterial morphological changes ROS seems to required. Change occurred, cells were mounted on specimen stub using a double-sided carbon tape coated... Brayner, R. Brown, M. Ismail, M. Povey, D. York, ZnO nanofluids—a antibacterial... Naqvi, N. Padmavathy, R. Wahab, F. Kroger, the active inhibition! Action of N doped ZnO nanostructures performed an interesting study using ZnO nanofluids of lattice constant of zinc oxide that...

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